Budget Beauty: Mustika Ratu Amuspa Buketan Blush On Review

5:13 PM

Introducing you a new section on my blog which i call “ Budget Beauty”. This section will cover good products, worth to buy, and it is under $5, or 50 000 rupiahs. I will try to post in Budget Beauty section at least once a month. I too hope that this section is going to help you save lots and lots of money while keep being pretty :)

My first review on Budget Beauty section will cover a blush on from Mustika Ratu. Mustika Ratu is Indonesian brand, one of the oldest and the best out there. If you are foreigner and you have the chance to come to Indonesia one day, be sure to bring back some Mustika Ratu products. I bet you are going to like it.

Price: 42.000 or $4

Amount: 2,7 g

The look

Amuspa Buketan IMG_0073_副本

I have this for quite some time already :). The packaging is boring, a plastic with shimmery gold color.


It is light pink with hint of purple on the pan. But when i swipe on my cheek, it turns out to be warm pink color. Such a natural color, as if i just come back from playing under the sun.


For $4 price tag, you can have many choices, like silky girl or revlon`s glamorous blush on. This blush on`s quality is similar to that. I bought this one anyway, because the color is pretty and natural for my days at work.


+ Finely milled and blendable

+ Pretty color for my daily make up

+ Moderately pigmented, so it won`t get clownish

+ Affordable and can be easily found on the nearest cosmetic store

- Does not stay long

- Very powdery



Rating 4/5

See you, chicas!


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  1. Wah kreatif banget kak bikin buget beauty.. hahaha :)

    nice post kak! inspiratif..

    btw, follow back ya kak. thank you :)

    1. okay i will :) thank u yaaa.. semoga manfaat deh buat yang baca hehehe

  2. Aku jg pake shade yg lain tapinya..
    Sayang kuasnya gak kepake menurut ku... kasar bgt ^^


    1. iya kasar banget.. tapi blush2 kayak gini.. kuasnya jarang ada yang kepake hahaha

  3. wow warna shadenya pas dan natural banget ya

  4. selama ini saya cari blush on yg cocok di kulit dan di kantong tapi bagus belum nemu2.. yg ini malah ga tahan lama ya...

    1. Iya.. ga seberapa tahan lama.. Tapi kalo buat ke kantor yang ber AC.. bisa lha kalo sampe 5 jam an

  5. love the pink blush! it's also so affordable :) thanks reviewnya :)


  6. warnanya lucu banget :)
    too bad, aku banyak kegiatan outdoor, jadi gabakalan tahan lama.

    thanks for the review by the way^^


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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