Budget Beauty: Wardah Matte Lipstick in Gorgeous Pink Review

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After releasing my first Budget Beauty review a couple weeks ago (read here), i have got a lot of positive responses for my Budget Beauty section. My readers find this section very helpful. Thank you so much for your supports! They are so encouraging. I will keep this section coming. I really believe that beauty can be affordable!
warda gorgeous pink
This time i will review another Matte Lipstick from Wardah. The shade called Nudish Peach has top my popular posts for two years! I hope this post will get much love too.

Amount: 3,8 gr
Price: 35.000 or $3, price may vary
Eventhough it is called matte lipstick, the lipstick is actually has a subtle sheen to it, and though the name is Gorgeous Pink, it is more like orange with a hint of red.
OMG Wardah.. Please name lipstick correctly next time..
Nicely packaged in silver bullet tube.
+ It has nice sheen and super gorgeous color. Though intimidating for some people, the color is actually IN these days. Matte and bold lipsticks are very fashionable, and we are just lucky that this Wardah lipstick is sold in affordable price.
+ Creamy texture and great pigmentation. One swipe is enough! If you do not like bold lipstick, make a gradient ullzang lips.
+ Affordable and available in Indonesia
- Quite drying on the lips and it does not stay long. Only 2 –3 hours. But well, with such an affordable price, i would not mind reapply 5 times a day :P 
- Sink on fine lines. I recommend you to blot several times so the color looks more even.
I would recommend this for you who want to support ullzang look but with limited budget. Sure, there is way way better matte lipstick or lacquer out there, like Innisfree`s or Etude`s, but their price is 5 times more too!
The color itself is very striking. On me, it looks good and on my blogger friends who have darker skintone, it works well too. Hmm, i recommend you to TRY first before you buy. See if the color suits you or not.
I will see you again

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  1. waahh warnanya cantik banget..
    coral2 gt..
    *emang gak sesuai sama namanya ya


    1. iya.. ga sesuai nama.. haha tapi yang penting warnanya cantik :)

  2. Aku punya, tapi gak suka. Kurang masuk ma kulitku :D dan gak cocok juga teksturnya ma bibirku, kering bingit walopun awalnya keliatan berkilau.


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