Three in One Budget Beauty: Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Brown

12:14 PM

This one is a MUST BUY :).

Because it is affordable and can act for everything, from contour, eyeshadow, to eyebrow powder. WOW or not? I got this for 43.000 or about $4 in cosmetic store. Totally worth it.

C360_2014-05-03-19-48-35-395PackagingIt comes in black, plastic packaging. It has “window” where i can see the color inside. 



The applicator is black sponge which is actually usable. The sponge is thick and very nice to pick the colors from the pan.


Now the swatch! It is a matte brown, deep and not orangey. I like it. I swatch this without a primer.

In this picture below, i used the eyeshadow as a brow powder. The pigment won`t show up much if you have no foundation beneath (Bb cream would do too), so, i suggest you to shape the brow first with eyebrow pencil and fill the gaps with the eyeshadow. The result is going to be natural.


How about as contour powder? Draw a line with light hands on the side of the nose. Then blend it well. I think the powder works most as contour because the color is not orangey. Thus, looks quite natural.


Lastly, as eyeshadow. The main purpose of this product. Of course works well. Though it is too dark for daily use, it is best for setting the gel eyeliner and contour the eye socket.


What i like:

+ Great pigmentation

+ Affordable price and available locally

+ Not powdery

+ Multitasking

What i dislike

= None


Rating: 5/5

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  1. beli dimana ya? dulu ak sempet nyari seri ini katanya ga ada d indo

    1. beli di chica surabaya :) Ada kok.. coba cari di matahari. mungkin koleksinya lebih lengkap


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