Good Morning from Sanxia, New Taipei City!

6:14 PM

Hi everyone! How is your weekend? I am in Sanxia, a district in New Taipei City now. My boyfriend studies in National Taipei University and i am visiting him for the weekend!This morning, he went for church meeting and i took the chance to take a stroll to the neighborhood close to his apartment. Many things to see, really.. but mainly i just eat :P #failed diet. I will tell you what i eat in a different post. But for now, let me show you what Sanxia looks like..

Welcome to New Taipei City!

This city is a good place to live. Unlike Taipei City which is so crowded, New Taipei City is more down to earth, rich and nice looking sub urban. The street is clean, not so much vehicles (well, not as much as Taipei) and it has a good view. 

Can you see the mountains? Pretty! Everywhere you will see American Style building, spacious park, wide streets and many trees. 

And the government is considerate enough to provide exercise tools like this for free. Yes, for free! It is in a good condition, i tried it once and it works! 

Another one! This is for sit up exercise. Here, it is very normal to exercise outdoors, no strangers will stare at you. No bad guys will whistle and try to ask your phone number. Very safe! Eventhough the city is very modern, the air is clear and refreshing.

This is the road. Not so many vehicle, right? If you live in New Taipei City, it is quite convenient to transport with buses. Bus is countable and everywhere. I also heard that the government is going to build MRT in New Taipei City soon. Can not wait!

The local people love to ride motorbike. Parking space for cars are limited and expensive here. Unless they have kids, i do not think they will take their cars around. Motorcycle is more convenient for them.

Only few cars, right? 

If you can not ride motorcycle here (like me!) you can buy bicycle. Bicycle is not expensive here. Priced in reasonable tag. Around 2000 NTD or 800.000 rupiahs a bike. And you can stroll around pretty much everywhere. Bike parking is easy to find too! You just need to have your bicycle key. Bike parking looks just like the picture above. I took this one because the bicycle has "JAKARTA" written on it. I was wondering if the owner is also Indonesian hahaha.

And this is the pedestrian street. Very wide. If you are biking, you must use this pedestrian street instead of the main road. We will not be afraid to get knocked out by crazy cars or motorcycle here. 

This is New Taipei City :)
My stroll this morning is very enjoyable.
Good morning for you, have a great weekend!

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