Taiwan Glamorous Sky Mask Review

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I live in Taiwan now, so it would be strange if i do not try their infamous skincare mask. Yes yes!! Taiwan is very famous for the masks, and they are very affordable too. When i entered Sasa Taiwan for the first time, i was dumbfounded because masks were like.. everywhere.. with cute packagings.

For a starter, today i picked this Glamorous Sky masks. I did not buy this, my senior in church gave me these.

2014-09-21 11.02.40

Last weekend i used the moisturizing one (blue sachet) because my skin turned really dry in Taiwan.

2014-09-21 11.03.07 

Key features: Hyaluronic Acid, glycerin, prunus serrulata extract, and ginkgo biloba leaf extract

2014-09-21 11.03.27

Beauty Chica  Review:


+ SO MUCH ESSENCE! It is more than the usual Korean masks that i ever use. IMO

+ Very moisturizing

+ Smells good

+ The masks spreads thin and has tiny holes which is very breathable


- The essence is too slimy

- It is too rich IMO, I got several breakouts after using it

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  1. Hai salam kenal, wah semoga betah dan menemukan beauty products yang kece2 ya di Taiwan ^.^v

    I have already followed your blog, mind to follback dear? ;)


    1. okay! i will surely folback :) hehe

      salam kenal juga.. disini banyak beauty product yang kece2.. semoga aku bisa sering sering beauty hunting ya

  2. Hiii slm kenal.. Apakah maskernya berkhasiat dgn baik?product taiwan juga lumayan bagus kok..


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