Greet the 2015!

11:53 AM

I know today is not exactly the new year, but already the fourth day 2015.

Nevertheless, i am so thankful i have surpass the 2014 smoothly and i am looking forward to this 2015 has in store for me. Honestly speaking, 2015 would not be a happy yay yay and party kinda year for me. 2015 would be a hard work year, as it is my last year to prepare myself for job and real life.

2014 had opened my eyes a lot. Seeing many possibilities here in Taiwan, or Indonesia, or Singapore, i just realize that the opportunities are huge but the competition is super high. I just have to prepare A LOT so i can have better future.

So, these are my new year resolutions!

1. Being fluent in Mandarin

Chinese is freaking hard! Ussually i master a language after six months, but after four months living in Taiwan, i can speak barely nothing. Ugh!. I have to work hard on this. Moreover, if i can speak mandarin, i can work in Taiwan.

2014-10-09 13.39.34

2. Has a strong American English accent

Yes, yes, i studied in USA, and my English is close to native. However, since i lived in other countries before, i have this certain flare that is not exactly American English. My director in the school that i am working with, said that i am a melting pot! It is not bad, you know, since i can get by with the English i have now. But i want to give more to my students, i want them to have perfect English, therefore i need to improve myself first!

2014-12-31 15.31.34

3. Excel in my study

This is pretty much what i do best hahaha. I always strive to excel in every parts of my life but my excellence in study is very apparent. I want to keep being  excellent in my IMBA study. This year i would make A LOT of friends and read more! :) FIGHTING!


4. Blog more

I am slipping away with my blogging. I used to blog about beauty everyday, but now beauty is not that important anymore. I have a lot of things going on in my life and they are unrelated to beauty. Sometimes i would sit in in front of my laptop and i do not know what to write hahaha. My make up these days have been so simple and not blog worthy. In 2015, i want to blog more, be it about beauty or my life, i just want to write. I hope you do not mind if my blog become so random hahaha.

2014-09-04 15.02.10

Maybe i wil blog about beautiful blue sky and beautiful places


Or random things that catch my mind. I simply wants to write and preserve my memory, that is all :)

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