Travel Story: Queentown, Sanxia

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When i was kid, i have a dream that i am going to live in a place where there are so many Teddy bears waiting for me to come home everyday. My favorite toy named Beary which was a cute white Teddy Bear given to me when i was ten.
Well, i am not gonna have house filled with stuffed bears, that is for sure, but i found this place named Queentown in Sanxia. It is around 50 minutes riding motorcycles from downtown Sanxia, New Taipei City.
2015-01-02 14.37.44
2015-01-02 14.37.33
 2015-01-02 14.40.34
Queentown forest is actually a camping site, complete with pool and little farm where you can ride horse and feed the goats. This place is so dreamy, like a dream comes true with countless cute Teddy Bears everywhere!
2015-01-02 16.21.13-1 
2015-01-02 15.38.43-2
2015-01-02 14.51.39
2015-01-02 16.20.46-1_副本
2015-01-02 16.20.25-1
I feel home!
2015-01-02 15.51.38
While enjoying the breeze cold air, you can buy something hot in the cafe. I would rate the meal as average, but combined with amazing ambience, the meals certainly taste better somehow.
2015-01-02 15.54.48
Like this, my Bear Prince brought a nice tangerine tea for me, while trying to act cute. How can it not taste nicer? Hahaha I felt like a princess!!
2015-01-02 15.42.50
Send a heart to you!!
2015-01-02 14.55.51
2015-01-02 14.55.23
Wanna swim and stay? It was very VERY nice in Queentown, i love it so much and there were like Gazillions place to take a picture~
2015-01-02 14.45.10
2015-01-02 14.46.37
2015-01-02 14.49.13
If you are done with picture taking, you can also take some craft project in this blue house. You can go inside and decorate some vase with colorful sands, paints and glitters. Sounds like so much fun, eh?
2015-01-02 14.41.13
2015-01-02 14.41.27
2015-01-02 14.41.34
2015-01-02 14.40.46
Last but not least, we went to goat farm. Took a walk from this beautiful blue house for about 10 minutes and we found an American style farm. You can buy some vegetable to feed the goat and pet them! So nice!
2015-01-02 16.29.33-1
2015-01-02 16.25.20-1
Some poultries farm and a wood lodging. It is all comfy here. Queentown forest is a perfect escape land from the crowded Taipei. I can not wait to come back here again.
See you soon! Wants to come here?
Click click below:
No.1, Ln. 95, Zhulun Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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