Polar Expo Taipei, Taiwan 2015

1:24 PM

Yesterday was the last day of Polar Expo in Taipei. Polar expo is an ice festival in Tucheng, just outside Yongning MRT. Two minutes walk. It is basically a giant refrigerator with frozen things inside. Ice Bear Statue, huge ice slider and many more!

Entering the Polar Expo was a huge temperature difference. Outside was 30 degrees celcius and inside was minus 18! So yeah, my hands were all cold and trembling, and i had runny nose too! This man made winter was held during July and August. I am not sure of the exact date, but last Monday was the last day of Polar Expo. Probably, now all the frozen creatures inside are melting down since the expo is ending and moving soon! #tearyeyes#
Inside you could play snow fight. Not necessary “ball” fight since the snow was so thin. It was enough, though. I could scoop a handful snow and play snow fight with Mr. R. It was real fun! The snow went in to my bag, socks and jacket, you name it! since Mr. R was so mean and unforgiving. He chased me and poured me with snow >.<. Brrrr….
Polar Expo
And yeah, this is me. All dressed up with wintery apparel!
Next? Igloo and this huge slider!! Igloo was nothing new for me. It was kinda small and not special, however when i went inside, it was actually quite warm compared with the temperature outside. Ingenious!
This ice slider was kinda scary. At first i did not have guts to play since the ice was so SLIPPERY!! I was afraid i would slide down and hurt my head or something on the way down. Really admire those little kids who played over and over again. They  have no fear! Oh kids..
Mr. R helped me to sit on the top and let his hands go when i was finally ready. Shooooooooo…. Hao wan!! It was not scary at all.
Oh yeah, there was this ICE coffee shop which i think was cool. I just felt bad to those waitresses who have to bear the cold for hours.
Last, Boat Miniature! It was fun playing at Polar Expo. Though it was kinda small in size, but it was great experience to feel a man made winter in the middle of the summer!

Love, hana

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