Tainan Trip – Day 1

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Hello! Missing me or not?
hehehe i have a life here, and it has been a hectic one. I work long hours daily and yeah.. when i come back and sit in front of computer my eyes are like.. HALF CLOSED wth! Not cooperative at all. Anyway, since i have not appear for the longest of time, here is small update of my life. I finally finished my first year of MBA in Taiwan! I went for a couple of trip. I explored the South Taiwan and another trip overseas which i will tell you more in detailed. When i have time. *finger crossed*

For now, i want to share with you about my trip to Tainan. Tainan is located in Southern Taiwan, near Kaohsiung and Pingtung. If you are planning to come to Taiwan and want to see more of the local people and Chinese culture, you should totally come here instead of Taipei! Taipei is a metropolitan city, well you can see small sparks of tradition here and there, but believe me, the ancient Chinese culture feels MUCH MUCH MORE real in Tainan! Let me show you around!

National Cheng Kung University
National Cheng Kung University is one of the top university in Taiwan and it has a LONG history. This may not your kind of cup of tea, but i like to visit world top universities, just to remind me about my personal dream about becoming a professor. You know, walking in this kind of environment spark some motivation inside me that my dream is just a step away. Just a little bit more hard work and patience, i am going to be there. As you read this, mohon doanya ya, semoga cita – citaku tercapai! Aminnnn.. Yuk dilanjut ceritanya.

When you walk around NCKU, you will see some ruin from the past. Like this red brick over here. It was build during the Manchu area and it was the city gate. I checked the map of current Tainan and it was amazing how the city has expanded!
Best breakfast in town!
I suggest you to visit National Cheng Kung in the morning and have a visit to the best breakfast shop in town. From Cheng Kung University take a turn to Yule Street. Turn right and you will soon see the red huge billboard sign. I am sorry my computer does not support Chinese character, so i can not type it out for you >.<. Upon arriving, find seats first because the shop is super crowded, then line up. The line would be quite long, but it is okay because the shop operate like Mc Donald drive thru. You will take what you want from the stall and pay them in the cashier.
To be honest, the place is kinda dirty. It is more like those warung in Indonesia with plastic chairs and crowded table. However the food was great and cheap. On average it will cost you around 40 NTD per meal. Do not forget to get yourself the famous dan bing, a pancake with egg.
I do not recommend this xian dou jiang.It tastes great for locals. My professor asks the locals for the opinions and they say hao he which means delicious. But when i tasted it myself … >.<……. It was soooo terrible! It is like a mix of ta hwa and soya milk but SALTY! Personally i am not picky eater, but this one, i really could not eat without cringing! But it is a MUST order, because this salty soya milk is traditional food. Just share it with many friends and taste a spoonful of it to see if you like it. Afterall, adventure would not complete without trying something new, right?

I am going to talk more about my previous trip in Tainan, but it is getting late here. See you in Tainan Trip part 2!


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