Master of Something

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Finally i checked "Master degree" out of my bucket list.

I have done it and i am the first in my family to do so.

I could not cease to give thanks to the Lord. Education has always been a privilege for me, it is not something that my family could easily afford. Against the odd, i can pursue my degree till this point. All because  of God`s grace. 

This two years living in Taiwan taught me at least two things:

1. Pursue my happiness

I started to dream about having a higher degree when i was 4th year of elementary school. I thought that education is a way to have a better life. When i was in college, my heart shivered when i saw professors teaching in the classes. I love teaching. Yesterday on my graduation ceremony I saw those professors marching in with their glamorous robe. 

I still want to be one of them.

And i am on my way.

There is still a long way to go before i can reach that point, really. I might need to pursue another degree, moving to another country, starting my teaching career, and so on and so on. In the process there would be people who criticize what i am doing and why i am doing it. There would be a lot of question about marriage and when will i settle down. 

It is not that i do not want. It is not out of arrogancy i decided to study. No. 

If my dream were to become a taxi driver. Then it is easy, i would not need to pursude higher degree to be excellent taxi driver, i just need to drive as professionally as i can. So SIMPLE. I am just like anyone of you out there, trying to achieve my dream, and to be the best in the profession that i choose. The thing is that, i am against a culture that girls need to be settle down early.

I had friends, who have the same dream with me. They got married and they can pursue their dream to study and teach. It seems to me that they got the best of both worlds, and many people want me to be just like that.

Well, i am sorry. The same luck does not happen to me yet, and there is nothing i can do about it.

So in the end, i just pursue my happiness. I want to be true before myself and God. I am working on His purpose and I am asking myself everyday whether I am happy and grateful to walk the way I choose.

2. Ikhlas

 Sure, on my journey, there would be TONS of sacrifice that I should make. Some of it does rip my heart out. Away from my family, disconnecting with friends, and living a new life is hard. Especially when my mom passed away several months ago, it was a slap on my face. I started to doubt whether it is worth it to go on this journey, but I tough my heart out. What once started, should be completed. 

Eventhough she could not be here for my graduation. I believe she is smiling in heaven. I had done my best, Mom.

I still have a long journey, and surely i will have to make another sacrifice in the future. I just have to ikhlas. Ikhlas is Indonesian word for letting go. To work as if there is nothing to lose. Even when we lose, we are ready to let it go.

Yeah, these two things.
Let me remember it for life.

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