FOTD: Everyday make up look

11:23 AM

Hi  hi.. today i am gonna post my FOTD. It is not really a great one, since i took these pics aftre i got home from work. And very tired >.<. I work mostly 12 hours till 14 hours a day. Crazy. I hope this effort will paid off one day hehehe. Anyway, after i got work, i saw my make up still looks great, with no touch up i impulsively taking this FOTD.

Most days, i prefer glowy and natural make up. And for the eyes, i like to do cat eyes look, somehow i think that it makes my super small eyes look bigger. Is it? hehehe

For the face, i am using:
Silkygirl Pure fresh 2 way foundation
Shimmering powder Bena from Sariayu
Revlon Natural gramorous blush in Tawny Peach

So, the face is very simple, i just put powder and then highlight my cheekbone. I also use the same shimmering powder to highlight my browbone and color my lid with the chocolate shimmer, It might not be well seen in this pic, yeah, because it is very very sheer. Then, i do my cat eyes with ELF eyeliner pen and curl my lashes with Maybelline unstoppable curly extension.

Maybelline unstoppable curly extension
Shimmering powder Bena
ELF Eyeliner Pen

And for the lips, i am using my HG lipbalm Maybelline in Strawberry and Etude color me nude

So overall that is my FOTD. i am sorry that my room is incredibly messy. Yes it is. And that random red bag behind me. :)...

See u soon,
<3 Hana

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