Review: 3W Clinic Face Powder

12:39 AM

What is this?

This is a face powder from 3W Clinic. 3W Clinic is a Korean brand.  

Some say this is an EX palgantong powder. Hmm, I am not so sure 

about this tho. Here is the pic, hehehe you can see my messy desk

 there *shy*

My opinion.....

I have been trusting my face to this powder. I use it almost everyday. When I get bored, I change my face powder to REVLON. Compare to revlon, this face powder is more finely miled. Very smooth, even remind me of a flour J. But then, the coverage is not that great, it can`t cover anything, just slightly even out the face. So, this powder will work best to dust and set a full make up instead for everyday use.

Overall, I haven`t had any bad reaction towards these powder. Since 

three months ago, I have been using this, and it still has 70% left. It is 

a lot huh, for 70000 rupiahs ( aroud 8 USD) It can last about 6 

months. The price and quantity is nice and worth it.  I would 

recommend this for you who have a flawless skin and hating heavy 

make up. This will be a great choice.


+ Finely miled

+ Smell nice

+ Great price for great quantity

+ I love the puff! Very smooth and puffy

-       -  Poor packaging
-        - Poor coverage ,


Repurchase? YEAH

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  1. wah sgt tertarik u/ membeli jadinya.,, >.<

  2. For ladies who wants this product, Im selling this 3w clinic powder into two shades #23 and #21 here in Philippines. For P390
    Kindly pm me on my facebook account
    or in my number 09167147008 :)THANK YOU :)


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