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Hi everyone J.. How are you? Tomorrow is going to be my last final and I really hope I am going to do great.. Today I would like to share to you some happiness that I got this months hehehe.. Those happiness are..


As you may know, I am a soya milk drinker. I have been drink soya since I was a little girl, and I believe it is a key of my beauty. Hehehe.. It makes my skin smooth and supple (*kenyel – kenyel). Also, one of my healthy eating habit. I get a lot of vitamins and proteins without adding fat to my body J. SOYA is another dream come true for me. I am very happy I got the chance to be an entrepreneur and have bussiness experiences in such a young age. Thanks to my partners, bussiness coaches, and my best friends James and CK who always support me in difficult times. SOYA are now available at city of tomorrow mall and royal mall 

 BRAIN ( Bussiness Rally and Inovation) Contest

left- our beloved advisor Sonny
This was a contest held by Ciputra University. Me, Bastian, and Fred recently won the first place for business inovation J. I was so happy. I have been to competitions before, and this was my first bussiness competition. Hehehe mainly my competitions were psychology or public speaking related. This competition boast my bussiness confidence very much. Who never thought that I can really do well in bussiness? Hehehe.. I am glad I was brave and seized the opportunity. I also feel grateful to the my great team EAGLES. My team were consist of two people from psychology and Bastian is from technical industry J. But we were able to pulled off the competition! GO eagles!!!

fred, bastian and me

SPEECH Contest

It was my first time on speech contest. Hehehe I used to be a debate team, both english debate and indonesian debate. But trying something new is so much fun. I got second place and get  a lot of new friends! 

Holding huge masterbee award

the winners , yay!

My sis

My sis is now helping with my SOYA bussiness and stay with me. We share the room, and gladly we get along well. I really grateful she is by my side, and doing her best in her work. Her future plan to be a SOYA manager really gives me motivation to do some more, grow SOYA to the highest peak available. She loves to cook and takes care of me a lot. Hahahaha it supposed to be the other way around mah, but it turns out to be this way. She is good at house wife kinda thing. She loves to cook, clean, and work hard. I am so proud of her J. Yesterday when I was sick ( work too much), she even bother cook for me porridge and bring back fresh soya milk from the store. So kind of her 

singing with my sis feet hahahaha SILLY!


I couldn’t be happier than this. This semester has been the hardest one in my entire college history. Moreover, I love my SOYA work more than school hehehe. Anyway, I am so glad it is going to be over in next couple of days. It means that LOONGGG holiday is coming. I can not wait to use it for  expand bussiness, learn something new, and of course get a balanced life J.


To celebrate these happiness i will make a GIVEAWAY :) Thank 

you for all readers who have been supporting me. I love you all and 

stay tuned...

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  1. Hi, Hana!! ^^ omg, nice business. i love soya too!!!

  2. aw.thank u dit.. ntar kalau ke surabaya mampir deh.. kabarin aku yaa:) gratis buat dita hehehe thanks

  3. ya ampun soya itu pny mu kah han? XD bbrp kali pgn coba tp blm sempet..hehe..
    bsk2 coba deh ^^
    tp emg sih udah terbukti kalo susu kedelai bagus buat kulit wanita ^^ wkwk..
    great job han! :D congratulations for your 1st place ^^

  4. thank you shell.. ayok mampir2.. wkwkwkwk..


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