Make up tutorial : PINK and PURPLE

12:47 AM

Hi everyone!! How are you doing? Hehehehe today i make another tutorial using my coastal scents 88 original pallete. I use the color pink and purple. check it out :)

1. start of with clean face. Then, i put moisturizers and make up base. Here i am using Revlon foundation to even out my face, PAC cream foundation number 8 for contouring, and Maybelline eyebrow pencil in charcoal

coastal scents 88 pallete

2. Put eyeshadow base, and then using an eyeshadow brush, pat pink color gently on ur lids

3. Then, using the darkest purple colour, i create depth by putting it on my outer V. Blend well using fluffier brush. Then i also put, the white color for highlighting my brow bone, inner corner of my eyes, and lower lash line.
4. Then, using bobbi brown gel liner in black ink, i create winged eyelines :)

Taraa eyes open

5. Then put on falsies, to finish the eye look

*tips: here i put a lil glitter onto my eyeline to make it glowier. To make your falsies and your natural eyelashes looks natural, curl it together using eyelash curler, and then put mascara on. Here i am using silkygirl open eye mascara.
 6. So the most difficult part is done, i am moving on to the blushes, i am using Revlon Glow Blush and for the lips i am using etude lip concelear plus my newest HG lipbalm from Maybelline ( review soon). 

 So, what do you think? In my opinion, i love this look! My favorite part is the lips. 

Hehehe so this is it for today.. I will see you soon on my giveaway post (please...please..join... *teary eyes* ) and another review. I love you, and have a great day :)

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  1. cantik sayang <3
    love the way you made that purple wing <3
    anyway, kamu beli palette itu dmana?

  2. awww. thank u for the comment :) hehehe aku belinya di make up brush facebook.. Hehehe sekarang lagi ada diskon lho, kayaknya jadi cuma 250 ribu aja deh.. :)

  3. cantik, pas untuk warna kulitmu yang cerah *envy*

    eyeshadownya cakep dah.

  4. wihh cantik, han ^^
    wah CS palette >_< *drooling*
    tp nanti jd mubazir krn jrg kepake -.-a aduhh

  5. nice tutorial~~ you look pretty ^^


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