Review: PAC Cream Foundation number 8

12:44 PM

Hi everyone! Happy holiday :) How do you spend your holiday? Eating out? Dating? Hehehehe, since i want to help you spend your holiday, today i am going to share with you my HG contouring foundation. Why Holy Grail? Because i use this most of the time and the result is great. You can check my make up tutorial when i use this foundation :)

Just like its name, it is creamy :) I ussually use this with my foundation brush and sponge. Until now, i havent had any bad reaction or anything. And this foundation last all day. I ever went to a party, i applied my make up in the morning and at night, i can still see the contouring dimension. Just right! hehehe.. The price is affordable, i forget the exact price, but i think it is around 90.000 rupiahs or SGD 15.

Here are the swatches. Pretty and blends real well on my skin. I would recommend this for you who seek for affordable and creamy contour foundation. Talk to you later, friends!

<3 Hana

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  1. Hi,, hana, kalau bwt higlight for nose lebih bagus creamy foundy atau yg powder ya?? recommend yg bgs apa ya... tHanx :)

  2. Bagus yang powder, sef.. Aku biasa pake NYX eyebrow cake yang brown.. terus warna yang agak terang, dipake buat shading. Bagus, hasilnya matte and natural gitu

    1. kl powder ga cpt fade away gitu ya?? *msh galau :P

    2. ga cepet fading kok sis :).. Kalo di aku sih, lumayan ya, delapan jam pake nyx shadingnya masih keliatan kok


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