Sariayu 25 Best Choice Colors Eye Shadow Pallete Review

7:31 AM

Morning, ladies!
I seriously love this kind of morning, i especially woke up early today.
Just sitting around, read a romantic novel and ponder.
Ya, ponder and think how i can learn from my mistake yesterday.
I seriously pay the price for being too curious, wanting to shaken other`s privacy and end up making someone precious to me embarassed. I learn and i promise myself to never do something like that again.

Anyhow, today i am back with another pallete review from Sariayu, a local brand from Indonesia. 
During 25 years, Sariayu has continuously making a color trend, unceasingly depict natural richness and Indonesian culture. This pallete is the best choosen colors from 25 years of color trend.

62, 5 grams

I forgot mine, but i think it is about 140.000 rupiahs or about $14

Packaging and Overall Products

Packed in feminine purple cardbox that has magnetic lid, i personally think the packaging is pretty. It comes with two applicators which i lost already. Sorry >.<, but as i remembered, the applicators were two spongeheads and they do not work properly. Just so - so applicators. It comes with beautiful 25 colors, mostly shimmer and satiny. Hmm also two creme shadows.

Here i did some swatch, no primer whatsover,
 i just casually dip my fingers in and you can see how pigmented it is.
Even pale colors like white and gold appear nicely.

What i love from this pallete
- Affordable and available in Sariayu Counter everywhere
- The colors are true, pigmented and nice despite the affordable tag.
Do you know the difference between high end and low end eyeshadow?
High end eyeshadow ussually has more pigment inside, so what you see in the cake ussually their true colors. Nah, now that with Sariayu pallete i got true colors, this must be a great deal. Affordable with the quality of high end products.
- Some of the colors like brown and gold are very versatile to go for party.
- It is not chalky 

What i dislike about the pallete
- I was hoping the applicators were nicer. I would definitely keep them if they do.
- I find it a little bit powdery. Hmm, just do not forget to swept away any fallouts.


All in all this pallete is limited edition and definitely a great buy.
I have had this for a long time, and still has this build up curiousity to make more looks.
It simply does not bore me out, which is a great thing.
The colors are true, and last long even without primers.
The pallete is one of the must have for a party make up stash!


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  1. pengen deh >.< thn ni sariayu ada ngeluarin palette warna baru ngga ya hehe..
    nice review han :D

  2. hi hana,,,,
    nice review, jd kepengen beli deh... kelihatanya pop up bgt ya warnanya...

  3. aku juga make. dan emang warnanya bagus banget.. tapi aplikatornya agak susah makenya... hehehe

    nice review.. <3

  4. dari dulu pengen beli ini selalu gak kesampean >o< baguuus han!!


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