Innisfree Natural Essential Mask in Cucumber Review

11:17 AM

Hi dearest! Today i am back with another mask review. I am actually wanting to write mask review every week because i use them once a week. But somehow when gloominess and laziness strike, i just forget to write hehehe

This time around i am bringing you an essential cucumber mask from Innisfree.

Price: 23.000

Amount 23 grams

Key Features: Cucumber, Lemon, and Vitamin C


Soaked entirely in essence,i might say the essence is lot

The sheet is thin,unlike another mask sheet i have encountered. I thought i would not like it but i was wrong. The thin sheet spread easily and able to adapt to the contour of my face, better than thicker sheet.

The mask soothes my skin and makes it smoother.
Well, i am glad it does what it claims :)

The smell is heavenly, like cucumber, fresh and nice

Great for every skin and does not break me out


Hard to find. I simply have tot to order via online shop.

The mask does not have any brightening effect


I enjoy the mask,but it is not overwhelmingly nice to be my favorite. The price is okay, but i expect more of brightening effect because my face tends to be dull after a week of exhaustion and exposure to the pollutions

Overall rating 4/5

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  1. efek segernya doang kayanya yang berasa yahh.. :D


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