Hadalabo Tamagohada face wash

10:22 AM

Hadalabo comes with 3 variants, shirojyun, gokujyun and tamagohada. Tamagohada is more dedicated to reduce aging but i still using the facial foam anyway because it works as a mild peeling.

Amount : 100 grams

Price: around 20.000 i forgot the exact price

Tamagohada facial foam has AHA and BHA that works as chemical peel. That is what mild peeling essentially is. You won't find any scrub inside, but do not worry, AHA and BHA inside will  swept away the dirt and dead skin. I personally think the facial foam removes dead skin cells quite good because i do feel my face a lot cleaner and brighter afterwards.


I use this facial foam only at night, because after doing chemical peeling i believe it won't be good for our skin to be clearly exposed to the sun. I ussually lather it well to soapy consistency, and apply it onto my skin, avoiding the eyes area. I just let it sit there for 5 minutes, while i brush my teeth and do something else. Chemical peeling needs time to dissolve the dirt, that is why i leave it like that. 

Foamy and thick consistency
To sum up, this is what i think about tamagohada facial foam



Won' dry out my skin upon application

Works as mild peeling

Foamy and thick concistency


So so packaging.



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  1. Thank you very much for the review Hana!(。・ω・)ノ゙
    Lately I have been interested enough in Hada Labo products and hope to soon be able to buy some!
    Have a pretty day and take care!(^v^)ノ


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