Review Etude House Cherry TInt and Color Me Nude Concealer

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If you ever wonder what products to make cute Ullzang lips, 
then these are exactly what you need.
A tint and a lip concealer to make the perfect gradation.

So, here they are!

Cherry Tint and Color me Nude
Let`s start with the lip concealer first!
Mine is called Color me Nude from Etude House

What i like
- Affordable
- Make the lipstick color more vivid
- If you have pigmented or slightly dark lips, 
the concealer will "nude" them out. 
So you will be able to wear soft colored lipstick.
- The texture is creamy with thick concistency but
it is easy to blend and still feel comfortable.
- Has no scent!
- Contains vitamin

What i dislike
- Exaggerating chapped lips. So, you better put lipbalm first
before applying lip concealer
- Hard to erase
- For some lipstick that also has thick concistency,
the concealer tends to be hard to blend


Swatch 1x

Now, let`s get moving to the cherry tint, shall we?
I have three tints actually, 
Orange tone = Etude house dear darling aloha
Pink tone = Etude house cherry tint
Red tone = Tony Moly Tint in Cherry

So far, having three tints that represent colors that i ussually use are enough
My favorite color would be the cherry tint because it makes my face look fresh. 

My cherry tint is the old version. The newer version has more curve to it.
For this old version, it comes with a gloss applicator. I find the gloss applicator works well
And the packaging is sturdy and never spill any product so far

What i like
It feels like i am wearing nothing!
- It does not transfer
- Easy to blend
- Great staying power
- Does not taste bitter
- Affordable

What i dislike
- Nothing so far!


These two are a great combo for everyday ullzang lips
Definitely a good investation to make because i am reaching for them everyday.

Btw, in case you want to buy i have discount codes from Bell`s Etude House
You can get 5% discount for ready stock product by mentioning
Beauty Chica


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  1. wah , aku suka sama cherry tintnya ><
    kaya warna bibir barbie gitu pink" nya kalem gitu hoho

    nice post .

  2. aq pke jga yg etude lip tint
    tpi aq agak kering sih
    makanya aq pake lipbalm dl baru tint nya <3
    lama tak kemari, dah ganti theme ya jeng ? wekekek XD

  3. aq suka sm warna etudenya tp begitu ngliat silky girlmu jd lbh pengen beli yg silky girl ^^ nice review (y)


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