Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara Review

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Mascara is a must have for me. It flatters the eye and makes my eyes got bigger.
Right now i am going to share with you a mascara that i have used for some period of time.
It is Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara. Such a long name, huh? Hehehe
Let`s just call it Fusion Mascara, allright?

Product description (

Why fake it when you can get a false lash impact with your own lashes? New False Lash Effect Mascara doubles your lash size* with the impact of false lashes without the fuss. It's this season's make up artist must have. The secret is in the lash boosting combination of Max Factor's biggest brush ever combined with patented Liquid LashTM technology. Now with every volumising coat the big brush sweeps right to the tips giving your lashes fullness and head turning attitude. The result is 100% impact. 100% you.

Key Features (
  • All the positive effects of false lashes with a new mascara.
  • Unique Big Brush with patented, thermoplastic elastomer technology and 50% more bristles (vs. Masterpiece Max Mascara).
  • Big Brush contacts and coats more of each lash in every go, sweeping volume right to the tips for length and lift.
  • Volumising Liquid Lash formula creates a natural-looking array of full-volume lashes.
  • Formula builds volume by allowing the brush to sweep to the tips from the first and each subsequent strokes.

Price: 125.000 rupiahs or about $ 12

The packaging reminds me of my favorite Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara. Even the brush is about the same. Big! Only the formula is a bit different. Covergirl is creamier and better. The mascara tube is bulky and fat so quite hard to be kept inside my make up pouch.

The brush is bulky with quite dense bristles. Very nice. It swept away the eyelashes nicely and separate them. The brush does a good job to make sure the formula does not clump on my lashes.
I like how it is big and comfy at grip. But the downside for the brush like this is how hard it is to get the lashes in the inner corner eye area.

The packaging and brush is okay, but how about the result?
I personally think that the mascara does not give any false lashes effect.
Separate and volumize? Yes! But like falsies? Not yet.
I personally loves to use two mascara. First, i use a very creamy formula of Silky girl eye opener mascara. And then, to separate the lashes and takes away the clump, i coat it once more with MAX FACTOR Fusion Mascara. This is a trick to make the result better.
Below is a swatch, i am using Max Factor only.

Before- after
What i like about this product
- It does not clump
- Good brush
- Able to separate and volumize

What i do not like about Max factor fusion:
- It does not give false lash effect
- Hard to reach some part of eyelashes with the brush.
- Pricey
- Smells strong and waxy

This is a good dupe for the great Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara. I like how it easy to grip. I personally recommend this baby for you who had long and thick lashes already as it will volumize, separate and make them beautiful. My beautiful friend, Oline from carolinelle has that kind of eyelashes and it works nice on her, whereas on me is just so - so

Repurchase? No
Rating 3/5

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  1. Agree with you na~ the brush is very big and fat so sometimes it's hard to reach some part with it!

  2. bagus han hasilnya d mata km.. itu kombinasi silky girl sm max factor atau max factor doank? :D

  3. this is actually one of my favorite mascara, haven't tried Covergirl, but hey, Covergirl and Max Factor are under the same company actually, I guess that's why it's really similar.

    it gives me false lash effect, too bad it's not for you, Hana.. :(

    but yes, I find it hard to reach the lashes on my inner corner with that huge brush :p

  4. aku beli yg false lash effect, lumayan sih buat aku..

    tapi brushnya itu loh, kek kentongan buat manggil 1 RT...

    1. lol emang brushnya gede ya
      kelihatn bagus di mata kamu :D

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