Mustika Ratu Body Butter Jasmine

2:42 AM

Hi beauties!
I am obsessed with smooth skin hahaha, who is not?
Body butter and body lotion are must have to me. 
Recently i find this local body butter that work great on me.
It is from Mustika Ratu, called Jasmine Body Butter

Amount: 200 g
Price: 36.000 rupiahs, or about $4, price may vary

I love to use body butter right after taking a shower then letting it dry for few minutes.
Jasmine body butter is one of my favorite because it is absorbed by my skin pretty quick, leaving it moist and not greasy. It smells great, unlike Susanna`s creepy jasmine smell, but instead it smells flowery, you can tell that it is not mere jasmine scent.


I bought the body butter and found that it was sealed with aluminium foil. Hygienic but it is difficult to open. The packaging is made of plastic, bulky but sturdy.

The cream itself is very buttery and creamy. Smooth with thick cosistency.

For me the body butter is worth buying. Even better than more expensive body butter. 
I can feel that my skin texture is a lot better after a week using the body butter. 
I am definitely buying this again 

Rating 5/5

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  1. nice post han, pengen nyobain yg ini yg zaitun fave banget buat aku hihihi

  2. wanginya enak lhooo...great review!

    thanks for a nice comment on my blog, nyari blog kamu baru dapet nih..hihihi


  3. mupeng pengen beli. dan yg terpenting karena: wanginya nggak kayak Susanna, hahaha. bener nih.


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