Review : SILKYGIRL funky eyelights pencil

11:50 PM

Hi, everyone :).. Long time no see. I have been handful with lotsa stuff nowadays. Today i want to review an affordable range of silkygirl funky eyelights pencil. 

What is this?
From the website : These liners add definition to your eyes with flashes of dramatic colors. Jam-packed with high level of pearlescence, your eyes are guaranteed to shine and light-up in a stroke. So soft and smooth, these kohl liners will not tug or drag at the eyelids. It can even double-up as an eye shadow. Available in 10 funky shades. ( courtesy of

My opinion..

Do you see the colors, girls? They are very pretty, aren`t they? The textures are also creamy, i like it very much! hehehehe.. Here are the swatch. The colors are very bright and pigmented. It stays for a long time. When i swatched them, i put them on my hands, used them through my sleep, and washed my hands for a few time. They were still there in my hands hohohoho. But somehow, it was quite hard to wash, i have to use special eye cleanser to remove `em.


+ Creamy
+ Pigmented
+ Great color payoff
+ Cheap
+ Available locally

- It is a little bit hard to remove

RATING : 4.5/5
Rephurchase? YEAH!

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  1. waah..nice review!! warna nya cakep2~
    berapaan sis??

  2. iyaa bagus :) 26000 kalau gak salah, murce :)

  3. waaah, jadi terbuai..


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