Lovely Copper! Milani Baked Eyeshadow Review

1:30 AM

Hi girls! Hana is finally back hehehe.. I got accident about a month ago which explains why this blog has been so quiet lately. Well, i am still wounded, as a matter of fact, but now i can sit which enable me to start writing again. Yay! Can`t wait to fully recover!

Last month my juniors were back from overseas. They kindly brought me make ups. So, all of the sudden, upon their welcoming party , i got make up from Belgium and USA. Aaa, can`t be happier! Thanks!

One of them is this lovely copper color eyeshadow from Milani. Honestly this is my first baked eyeshadow *newbie face* and i like how the eyeshadow is beautiful and marble - like

I got my shade in COPPER EXCESS, it shadows beautifully and sometimes i mix this with my pink blush on to achieve pink-gold sheen look. Ah ya, it is made in Italy!

 What i like about thiS...
+ The color! Great for everyday use
+ The marble like look
+ The packaging is sturdy lha.. Quite okay..
+ It can be used wet and dry, soft or intense. WICKED! Look at the swatch below. Here i am not using any make up base, this shadow only. The left one is intense because i applied it wet, whereas the right one is softer when applied dry :)

+ Affordable, around 8 USD
+ A lot of product! I am not sure i can finish this within a year...

What i hate about thiS...
- The texture is not very smooth.Hmm how should i say it? Quite sandy
- The packaging is very boring mah...
- The moon shape applicator is hard to use, i find it very inconvenient
- Hard to find in Indo

Sum UP...
I would say that the copper is lovely. I love the shadow tho it is not my HG yet. It is pretty and worth the money, i would totally repurchase this in another colors. I would give this a 4,5 rating outta 5. So, have you girls try this? Do you like it?

Listening to : The climb by Hannah Montana
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  1. Great post kak hana! and get well soon :)

    1. Thanks Dhia, you made this review possible. XOXO.

  2. Get well really soon ci ^^
    really miss your post ><

  3. I hope u feel better soon. I have milani shadow in pink fuschia and i love it. I do agree abt the packaging but hey when u love the color, you learn to adjust. Lol anyway, pls visit my blog:

    1. HIGH FIVE * plak! hahaha yeah, same here.. Sure! i will visit yours!

  4. get well soon hana :)
    the color looks nice!


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