Where is Hana?

10:35 AM

Annyeong ~

I am here, in my messy room, finally writing again for my blog.

I can not believe in August i have only made 1 post >.< Otokee? So unlike me.. I am sorry girls, the past august was a crazy busy month for me because i was still trying to get used to my new and super awesome job. Hehehe..

hnk 102

I am sooo lucky that i got an office or counseling room with a garden view like this. It is really nice and a soothing view ^_^. This job that i work on now, feels right like no other. I enjoy every second working, which is great. I can not say thank enough to God who had given me this job, I will work hard! I promise!

Secondly, girls, i am finally graduated! hehehe. Graduation was kinda hectic, that was why i was doing MIA ( Missing in action for a month). Graduation was very touching for me. I could not believe i am finally done with my degree, and i had finished well. I fullfil my parent`s lifelong dream to see her daughter finished the college, and through God`s grace, they saw their name written on screen, as the honor for raising best student. PAPA, MAMA xie xie ni for sending me to college #teary eyes


For graduation, i did my own make up and hair do :) Woo hoo, for once i savor the benefit of being a beauty blogger lha. All the skill learned these two years were paid off on my graduation day. Hahaha.. Not too mention i save a lot of money for not going to the salon. So, dear readers, start learning make up now :) and do look pretty on your important dates :)




Yeahhhhhh.. So that explains why i was not around this August.

Worry not, Hana is back later with more stories, make up review, make up tutorial and beauty tips. Expect that ;p

Bye for now,

I love you always,


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  1. Wahhhh, cumlaude. Congratz yaaaa ^_^
    Ditunggu post selanjutnya sai.

  2. Wah, ternyata kamu petite yaa. Lucu. Btw, itu IP keren amat. hehe. Congratz yak. :D

    1. iya cel, berkat doamu juga waktu aku galau skripsi hehehehe.. makasi cella ~peluk :)

  3. wah han slamat ya lulus dgn cumlaude.. :D
    kangen liat post km :*

  4. Selamat cii.



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