Review: Collection Hotlights Lipgloss in Dazzle

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Have you ever heard about Collection brand?

If you haven`t, it is okay :) hehehe Collection is UK brand. It has been famous before with its former name Collection 2000. Now the brand comes up with innovative products for us to try out. Just like this one right here!

C360_2013-10-16-10-43-20-976 This is my daily lipgloss from Collection brand called HOTLIGHTS lipgloss. Mine is in Dazzle and it is strawberry pink colour.


The packaging is glass bottle with a black cap. Very pretty though not travel friendly. There is a mirror too, on the side, so it will come handy when we are on the go.


Also… Do you know why they name this HOTLIGHTS lipgloss? Because the lipgloss literally lights on! There are two small lamps attached to the cap. When we open, the lights will automatically on! Cincaaaa… very cool!


The applicator is jut like usual. Doe tip and quite precise :)


The lipgloss has tiny silver and gold specks in it. Though it looks overwhelming in the bottle, it applies naturally on the lips. It does not taste weird, and stays okay on the lips. Aroun 3 –4 hours if i don`t eat anything. I like to apply this only in the middle of the lips to create that infamous ullzang look.


If you ask me, why is it so sheer? Because i put a lot of nude lip concealer underneath, so the lipgloss turn to be a softer strawberry pink color.


And.. hahaha as usual my FOTD using this lipgloss. Sorry the photo did not do the justice because my took this one with my phone cam. But oh well, i personally like this lipgloss and going to give it 4/5 verdict. Dear Collection Brand, please open soon in Indonesia, okay? Hahahahaha..

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Thank you for reading!!

Love always,


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