Sariayu Natural Glow Powder in Lasem Review

6:26 PM

Twenty minutes before my next class, so i am here writing about local product! This time, it comes from Sariayu and their quite "latest” collection Sentrajava. They have two version with peachy orange blush or the pink blush. Mine is pink.


from :

sariayu1 Product Review:

- Very practical and easy to use

- Multifunctioned

- Make your face glow and dewy

- Cakey and not finely milled


Do you remember Sariayu Shimmering Powder? I had one of that and mine is broken to pieces already because i dropped it >.<. So when i saw this, i was like, “ Aa, cool! Let`s try this one! Hopefully this one is better than the old one. And my verdict was wrong.


As for the packaging, it is same with the Sariayu Shimmering Powder, round cake with a clear cap. It was also glamour with a peacock and flower emboss. Mine is kinda washed out already but yeah the emboss did capture my heart.


Unlike the shimmering powder one, the powder does not have shimmer at all. But it is made in a way it can reflect lights. Same goes with the pink color. The finish is satin with medium coverage. I dont like the fact how the product seems to be a bit powdery and cakey >.< I have to build bit by bit to get correct coverage. My verdict for this powder is 3/5 and i do recommend this to you who had dry to normal skin because the powder feels quite moisturizing.


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  1. embos nya bagus ya..
    itu mestinya bedak / highlighter ya ? agak bingung dengan kata Natural Glow nya..

  2. Iya.. bagus.. agak sedih sih soalnya embossnya cepet ilang.. ini bedak sih sebenernya, tapi dia jatuhnya agak kilap walaupun ga pake shimmer..

  3. lucuu emboss nya.. >,< tapi ini ngga cocok ya caa buat oily skin??

  4. aku sempet pengen beli. aku kira dia highlighter yang ada kilap2nya >.<


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