Simple Gyaru Make Up Tutorial

2:26 AM

Ni haoo :)

The Eid Fitri holiday is finally over and our daily routine soon going to strucked us again. Don`t worry, though work can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but we certainly can not forget our usual hang out time with our besties. Real life is fun!

So, today i come up with Simple Gyaru Make Up tutorial for you. But it is a bit failed, so please read with your own risk. No puking allowed hahaha! Shall we start?



Now to the eye make up!

1. Since i have monolid eyes, i use this double eyelid sticker to make my eyes look bigger.

2. Apply grey eyeshadow and black eyeshadow for the outer corner using UD Naked Pallete 1

3. Apply Zoya Eyeliner pencil in white on the lower eyes area. (review here)

4. Draw my eyebrow, using Silky Girl brow pencil in Natural Black, blend the eyeshadow so there is no harsh lines. Then, draw the eyeliner sligthly cat eyes. Here i am using Aubeau eyeliner.

5. Stick lower eyelashes and upper eyelashes, and you are done

IMG_0437_副本 For lips, i forgot what did i use #plak!

This look was created a long time ago and i consider it as a fail hahaha so i dont dare to post it here. But, i think even a fail deserves some good appreciation >.<

I will post some quality make up tutorial in the future girls!

Wait for it!

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