Some drugstore skincare products that i used

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I use Kose skincare range for my daily routine. Good, really, my skin feels supple and rejuvenated. But, i have to admit that Kose takes a fortune from my thinny thin wallet T__T. In the other hand, drug store skincare product are SOOOO MANY out there and affordable! Many of you asked me through email what drug store skin care products that are recommended. Today i would show you some that works on me!


First, i encounter this blue holy grail toner. Met this way way back when i was in USA and still acne friendly girl. Of course Clean and clear essential toner`s price here in Indonesia is way cheaper and has same function! I got this for around 15.000 rupiahs or less than 2 dollars. I really like this, because it tightens my pores and my face feels so clean.


It works well and very recommended for combination to oily skin. Leave it if you have dry skin because it can feel stingy upon contact your skin. I personally use this after washing my face. Pour some to the cotton ball, and pat it nicely onto the skin, especially T zone area.

Next is Citra Hazeline Sparkling White Glow UV. I bought this accidentally, just because i want to join some Indomaret video contest which require me to buy this Citra face cream. I like it and i finished this a month ago.


It looks like this. Creamy white paste that once sets in your skin, it sets, matte. I apply my bb cream after, and the result? AMAZING! It seems like my skin glows from underneath. This cream, when wore itself, has that pearly effect. The shimmer is so micro, when i see my face really close to the mirror, i can see sparkle. When i step back, i see nothing, just a fresher face. Definitely won`t make your face like a disco ball.


I am still using my Kose skincare, though i alternate with Citra at times. Citra can be a bit drying when used in some period of time. Not hydrating enough.


Next, eye cream! Been using Biokos eyecream for two years. TWOOO YEARSS!! Omoo that is a long time. I am not ussually a faithful user for beauty products, really. Biokos vital nutrition is not impressive either, but i stick to it because it is very convenient. Firstly, my eyebag is not that bad. I use this as prevention only and it works well. It feels moisturizing, smells nice, and affordable. Other eyecream is like 100 ++ rupiahs, but Biokos vital nutrition is a fraction of that. That is why i buy this again and again and again.


I would recommend this for prevention only. If you have a very bad dark circle and fine lines, I am not sure it would work that much. But so far, it keeps my under eye area moist, thus prevent the lines to come out. Plus, it works well as an emergency eyeshadow primer.

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  1. wearing clean & clear product too and i love their product too


  2. Our skin is very sensitive needs naturel care so always use nature products for your skin not camicals. I have information about skincare bio oil which is best for skin. It includes natural ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin A.


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