Belleme U can Cover Concealer Review

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Hello! I am back with concealer review. I do have Revlon photoready concealer in medium beige, but my skin has become fairer throughout this winter and it simply does not look good anymore on my undereye.

Too yellow.. Ugh..


So yeah, i tried this new one BELLEME u can cover concealer on my last trip to Ximending. Got this on 99 NTD, and i was like.. Oh well, if it doesn`t work, let it be..


As a total experiment, it actually works on me! I got mine in Light. I am so surprised that the texture is quite creamy and the coverage is high. This shade, light, brightens up my dark under eye quite nicely.


Here is some swatch. It is somehow dry and not sticky at all. My Revlon concealer glides better than this. But you know, i like this texture more since it would be more friendly to my under eye liner. Despite of the goodness and the price, BELLEME concealer could settle badly on fine lines. But if you have minimal lines, this BELLEME is totally a catch considering the price and the quality


So far, i like it. It delivers great value for my money. It is cute, professional and remind me a little bit of the BENEFIT Booing packaging. It works for my dark circle. My dark circle is not that prominent and i read some review that it does not work for really really bad dark circles. Well, i guess if you have really dark eye bags, this one is not for you.


It stays put for hours here in Taipei. But then, it is winter here. I honestly do not know how this concealer perform under the heat. So far i like it a lot, it is very lightweight, practical, and feels light on my skin. It smells flowery, though it will fades away after few seconds.

Rating 4.5/5

A great buy!

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