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2014-11-02 21.23.15

Desperately in need of a make up base, last month i managed my time to go SHOPPING to Poya. Poya is a famous make up store here in Taiwan, simply to say my make up heaven. My boyfriend even paid to get me a membership card there in my heaven.

“Oh boy, you don`t know what you are getting yourself into “ hahaha

My first pick in POYA is this KATE brightening make up base for cover. Kate is a Japanese brand and one of the line of Kanebo cosmetics.

Description (taken here):

A makeup base that covers visible pores with a trick of the light

The luster generates halation to reduce pore visibility and evens skin tone in a natural way.

A makeup base that makes the skin surface look smooth and also serves as a highlighter.

Price: 300 NTD/ 120.000

2014-11-02 21.32.51_副本

Love the SPF 23!

Speaking of the packaging, KATE brightening make up base has this elegant, professional feeling to it. The box looks expensive and the black tube, eventhough looks rather plain, actually made from a good plastic material. It is easy to squeeze the right amount of product out. No messiness.

2014-11-02 21.32.07_副本 

Kate brightening make up base has yellow undertone with creamy feeling to it. Not too thick, which makes it blendable and quickly adheres to the skin.



Creamy and blendable


Do you see? It has this subtle glowy finish. I like it. For me, it is more like first step “lamination” to the skin without any shimmer and glitter on my face.



For a make up base, it has quite a good coverage. I drew a line on my hand and covered it up with make up base. It somehow blurred and disappeared.


This one is on my face. I would say my pore is less visible and KATE make up base ease out any dullness, gives me that bright and dewy effect. It somehow eases the redness though not eliminate them all. It soaks up excess oil quite nicely and make my make up stay longer.

I like to wear this with my Make over compact foundation, because it gives that flawless effect and extra long wear. I have ever tried this with BB Cream, but it is just too heavy for daily make up. Maybe because KATE make up base has a pretty good coverage to begin with.



So far, i like it :) I recommend this if you love dewy finish and hate any shimmer or glitter on your face. It might look oily in humid Indonesia, but for somewhere with lower temperature will love this. It gives you glowy gorgeous finish.

Rating 4/5

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  1. how about the oil control dear ?
    nice post anyway ^_^

    1. Thanks! Oil control is pretty good, maybe 2 - 3 hours. But yeah, since it is targeted for dewy look, it may "look oily" from the first place

  2. Halo hanaaaa, wah menggoda cuma di indo pasti masih ribet belinyaaaa
    kangen ketemu km lg di event

    1. Iya ciiii.. tadi baca baca report eventnya cici di mislynn and cuma bisa mewek di pojokan.. aku juga mauuuu hehehe

  3. Ohh I have not tried any of Kate's makeup products before~ ^ ^
    I am a new follower of your blog! ^ - ^

    1. thanks paige! gotta follow back your blog soon!


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