Dine with me at Saizeriya, Taipei

2:17 PM

If you are hungry in Taipei, i would like to recommend this place. Saizeriya. They are located in so many places in Taipei. This one that is in the post today is in Gongguan. Just beside the World Gym. Drop at Gongguan station and go up to the second floor. You will see Saizeriya. Another place is located in Ximen, just beside Uniqlo.

Price: $

Affordable! only around 39 to 150 NTD. 

Although the food prices are affordable, but the restaurants are nice. I like both in Ximen and Gongguan. They have one in Shi Da, but i never go there, so can`t say much. The restaurants are clean and service is remarkable. You have this button in your table. When you press, the waiter will come to help you. Then, the price includes tax already, so when it is printed 39 NTD in the menu, it is really 39, not more.

Do you see that button beside the tissue box?

This is my favorite dish in Saizeriya. Seafood chowder. It is creamy and the taste really reminds me about home. In the States, i used to like the Maine clam chowder, and i think this Saizeriya chowder taste just like that.  Last night i order two portions #shy. Well, it is too good.

This is Penne gratin with meat sauce. The Penne is baked so it is a bit crispy on the outside but cheesy inside. They use a lot of cheese, tomato, and diced meat inside so every bite of the pasta really drives you off the hook. Yummy. 

Rating 5/5
Very recommended!

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  1. suka baca cerita mu di Taipei,
    impian mu besar Hana, maju terus yah, Ganbatte !! #kalo bahsa Taipei nya apa yah :P

    Btw, daku baru nulis lho, main yah :D



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