Reflection: Holiday and Books

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Hi, everyone! Today is the start of my school holiday. Yesterday, I just got call that my training trip is canceled for some reason. Ah,and I already asked permission to take leave from my teaching work for this December. Also, I didn`t participate in AKLTG coach training, so that means I cannot go for coaching this upcoming camp.  That is because I plan to focus on the project. But this plan to focus has to be postponed until the first week of January. I am looking forward for that J, I really really really want to work.

So, I ask myself, what am I gonna do now? I used to be very busy working in every waking hours of my life. I still have some work, like teaching my landlord`s sons, and preparing the project. But, I have a lot of spare time. Suddenly I feel VERY unproductive. Hehehe. Maybe this is because my wish last week, when I had my exam. I wished that I have a super longgggg holiday, when I can just sleep like normal girl, read, write and have fun without having to worry about school and work. I never imagined that my wish can be granted this fast.

 I  believe that even if I am not busy anymore, I can still make the most of my holiday. Hehehe wanna know my plan? I plan to read more, finish my junior stylist class, teach my aunts how to play with make up,  create more teaching ideas, write more, and spend more time with my family and my boyfriend J.  

I wanna share with you some books that I currently read
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

It is a classic book about the poor and plain Jane Eyre. She begins her life as a lonely orpha in he household of a hateful aunt. Despite the oppresion she endures at home, and the later torture of boarding school, Jane manages to emerge with her spirit and integrity unbroken. She becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, where she finds herself falling in love with her employer Mr. Rochester. But, an explosive secret tears apart their relationship, forcing Jane to face poverty and isolation once again.

It is a very VERY very good book. If you love English literature and art, you will love this book. I have read this book twice. The first one was back when I took Honor English III at John Bapst Mem. High. Then the second one? I guess last year ya. I am not sure.  I learn a lot from this character Jane Eyre. Waaa, everytime I read this book, my spirit got strengthened. There are a lot of aspects in Jane Eyre that reminds me of myself. She is so tough and has unbroken spirit. She faces so many obstacles in her life and still stay strong. That is why, whenever I face obstacles, I think of Jane and think of her and beautiful end of her life hehehe.

I DO – A bridal make up book by Gusnaldi

     This book is new, and I bought this  for a very cheap! Only Rp 25000  or around $3 Hehehe.  When I found this, my jaw was dropped ~>~. Gusnaldi is my favorite make up artist and to find his book in a very affordable price is totally a miracle. Btw, I bought this on Gramedia Sale. ( Gramedia is one of a famous bookstore in Indonesia).
                                                                    “I do” book is very pretty, full colours, and I learn so much about make up from this book. I am supposed to learn bridal make up after I finish my senior stylist class, which is two levels away from my level now. Hehehe but I love to learn ahead. For me knowledge is knowledge. Whether it is in my level or upper level. It is a knowledge anyway, I ussually just swallow it all. Grasp it, understand it, practice it and let it refresh my life.
Lets take a look inside!

      Reading this book took me like 10 minutes, but practicing it is going to take me my entire holiday. Hahaha probably it is such a good thing I bought this book. Hopefully, by the end of my holiday, I can find a cute make up for my wedding ( Ah, I speak like it is going to happen soon >.<) Hehehe.

Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management – by Wayne F. Cascio and Herman Aguinis.

I borrow this book from my school library, but because it is going to be close for school holiday next week, I am going to just copy the parts I need. It is a very nice book, understandable, and if you plan to be a professor in HRM just like me, you should read this hehehe. Well, not only professor wannabe ya, if you plan to be a human resource manager, this is a good book to read. It is pretty much telling me about recruitment, personnel testing, training, development, ethical issue and much more.

Balanced Life – by Pat Gelsinger

    This book is written by Pat Gelsinger, vice president of Intel. Hohohoho, so I guess you can imagine how busy he is. My activities right now probably just a piece of cake for him. This book is a present for me from the late Rector of Ciputra University. He picked it personally for me, cool huh?  I got this book because I did his challenge back then when I participated in UPHS youth camp. My lecturer, Mr. Koentjoro, said to me that when he received this book, he suddenly thinks that this book suits me very well hahahaha.  I already read half of it, I promise myself I will finish this book by the end of the holiday. If I have time, I will review this book for you!
Bye for now, gotta start reading J

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