REVIEW : Revlon Touch and Glow Loose Powder

12:27 AM

Good evening J, I hope you have a nice one ya.. The next thing that I want to review is a loose powder from Revlon ( currently my favorite brand). It is called Touch and Glow Loose Powder. Here is the product, and the swatch

rub rub..

GONE -Finely miled powder

The package is nice, for me it is big ya. I used to use mineral powders and their packages are only contain about 8 – 10 grams. This revlon is 43 Grams, quite a giant.  It has big sponge inside and I think it is cute, useful and does a good work.

The powder itself is finely miled. I like the texture. You can use this for dewy look, or even a matte look, depends on how much you use the powder. J. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get the powder out. I have to shake it very hard and hit the bottom several times, until it comes out.
I buy this powder after I see that a make up artist from Liana Salon ( A salon in Mojokerto) use this powder for Bridal Make Up. Hehehe. So, I give it a try. The staying power is good, and it absorbs oil well. I still have to blot every 4 hours if I stay at an air conditioned room.  

This powder has a very strong smell >.< Actually, parfume is not good for the skin, that is why mineral powder rarely has a strong smell. If you are allergic to the parfume, it can makes your skin turns red and flaky >.<. Fortunately, my skin is okay with the parfume.

I use this powder this morning, when I was about to go shopping with my mom and sisters.
Face: L`oreal moisturizer in Hydrafresh, sunblock SPF 30, Caring Colours BB Cream in Everlast, and Revlon Touch and Glow in Creamy Beige
Eyes : Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Blackest Black and Silky Girl Gel Liner in Black
Lip : Revlon colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude

i <3 the flawless look :)

Rating: 4/5
Price  : 66000 rupiah/ $7
+ nice sponge
+ nice package
+ finely miled
+ Absorb oils well
+ Good staying power
+ can be used for dewy and matte look
-         - Funny smell
Rephurcase? Yes

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  1. After reading this, I purchased one :)
    I love this powder too <3

  2. Hehehe great to hear this :). Jadi lebih semangat nulis deh. Thanks yaaa


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