Slice of Life: A blast on Christmas days

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22 Dec
I love December, especially this year! It is not merely because it is a holiday season, but it brings a lot happiness into my life. Hmm, I gotta share with u about how I spend my christmas days. I went back to Mojokerto for several days. I was in hurry because I wasn’t planning on going there. I was planning to stay in Surabaya and preparing for my project. But then, my bestfriends Harry and Deviana called. They wanted to give me a ride home. I was going to politely object, but my sister called me and said that she needed me. So I hurried home.
Harry and Kupi, those who kindly give me a ride home hehehehe
I brought a huge travel bag to home. Do you know what is inside? Make up, make up, and make up. Hahahaha. I brought it along for a good cause, you know, because in christmas service, there would be many performances, yet we always lacked of good make up artists. So, I brought these for my fellow dancers.


Jingle Bell Dance

Modern Dance

Rudolph the rednose reindeer Dance

Beautiful Candlelight Service

Big Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Dance

Most of the time I stay in Surabaya. I rarely go back home, especially after I have good and promising jobs here. I am focusing my time to work and study.  Well, choice has consequence, isnt it? Yes, I am advancing so much, but I am also letting go the joy of dancing for God, being with my best friends, servitude in church, being with my family, and being “kancil”

Kancil is my childhood name, it is a name that my friends use to call me. In english it means a deer. They call me that because I am so active,slender, bouncy, and full of ideas. I mentioned earlier about Deviana and Harry right? Hehehe, they also had nickname deviana is kupy and harry is harrot. Well, I think everybody in my little circle has their lovely nickname.
23 Dec
The christmas service started at 5, but I came at 3 to do some make up for my friends. Everybody were surprised with my appearance. Hehehe they thought I was going to stay in Surabaya for christmas. They greeted me like a family, and they also said that I have changed a lot. More beautiful and chubbier ( a pleasant way to say that I had gained weight hahaha). They also surprised that I can do make up J hahaha. My seniors at church, asked me to do make up again next year for Easter and Christmas . Wooo, I just got a new way to serve God. I am sorry I didn’t take pictures and put them as our make up tutorial. The time was tight, I was busy doing their make up. When they were off stage, their make up pretty much smeared because of the heat, and the dance itself.
These below are pictures of my banner creative ministry friends
Banner Creative Ministry


Except this hehehe, Three generations: My gram, my mom, and me. Do u see any resemblance? I do

Banner Coaches

After the christmas service, we went to KFC talked a lot. Then, continued our conversation at karaoke. Hahahaha it was fun! We sang together. One of of the song was Adele – someone like you, we totally nailed it. We sang emotionally, let our exhaustion out, and laughed together afterwards. Hahahaha.

24 Dec
Next day, I went to church again. We had our second christmas service. This time I served as a flag dancer. Once again I felt tears and touch for the honor that God had given to me to serve him. I serve God too in Surabaya, but the feel is not the same. I was growing up in this church. When the first time I knew God, served him, met my bestfriends, achieved my dream to USA, everything had happened when I was in this church. Yeah, When I delivered my prayer here. So, when I danced, it brought back memories, it reminded me how good is my God, and how I am nothing without him. Despite of the fast advancement that I enjoy now, everything was started here with prayer and faith to God. I owe Him. A lot.

Hmm, after service,my friend Kupy and Harrot had meetings, we took pictures and we went to Beda Rasa restaurant. Hmmmm, I ate a real delicious grilled fish! Yummmmmmmm!

25 Dec
Waaa Christmas day! Hehehe, we had a barbeque party at Kupy`s house. Nothing fancy, but it meant a lot for me. Laughter, fondness, happyness, blend together.For the first time I brought my cousin, Christoper along. Hehehe I wanted him to know my friends and mingled with them. He enjoyed the party so much. We cooked together a vast variety of food, spagheti, barbeque meat, grilled corn, tofu meatball, barbeque sausage, potato wedges, and many else. Too many. I just remember I went home with a full tummy, smelly shirt, and big smile.
Sorry, I didn’t take a lot of picture J I was busy grilling corn and eating hahahaha

Grill grill grill

Watching KPOP streaming 

Kupy is cooking too

26 Dec

It is time to go home, pals! Back to Surabaya and get to work on the project. Jia youuuu!

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