Slice of Life: My fifth Semester at UPH (A bit Random hahah)

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Hi, Hana is back to blogging bussiness :). I am sorry for the quiet days on this blog lately. I got problem with my donggle, and it was successfully making me upset. I lost 150k rupiahs for nothing! >,<. Anyway, everything is allright now, my donggle is back to normal now, and as slow as usual ( Oh, my!). In this entry i wanna show you about my college life, i am about to enter my 6th semester now. Which means, i have spent 2,5 years studying in UPH. I would say, studying at UPH has been fun :) I got many experiences, nice lecturers, awesome friends, and i have changed to a better person.

Pelita Harapan University is located in Surabaya. Well, we have another campus in Jakarta, but my campus is in Surabaya. It has three towers now, and about 6 floors for each tower.

If you go inside and goes to the highest floor, you will see a beautiful view of Surabaya City. Neat :)

Other than that, this campus is located very close to the mall. Hohohoho, so everytime i need something, from pen, umbrella, pillow, clothes (pretty much everything!) i just need to go down and shop inside the malls. And so far, having campus near the mall brings me benefits. For example, when i have observation and interview class, i dont need to go far to observe, i just need to go to CITO and observe the people who shop there. And, i will be the first person who knows about big discount and special prices! hehehe 

Hmm, this semester had been very challenging to me :(. With work and all, i have been like a sleepwalker inside the class. My priority messed up. Hmm, i would rate my performance this semester as my worst performance so far. Anyway, i am just glad that my 5th semester is over now. And i kinda figured out how to cope with crazy schedule and tight times. I cant wait to start my 6th semester and pay back what i have lost on my 5th.

My favorite class this semester is :

Character development class! Great class with a great lecturer. At first i thought this class was going to be boring, but it is not. I learn and fetch quite a big deal about life thru this class. Let me tell you why :) Here we discuss a lot about our life goal, courtship ( hohoho), characters, what is the value of life, and many other things. We even required to do 6 community services. Those community services were fun!

Then, my favorite compulsory book of this semester is:

Whooo, this is a compulsory book from my character development class. Here i found so many interesting yet inspiring stories and quotes. And these belows are stuffs that i bring everyday :)

This is one of my purse, it is big, i ussually just throw everything inside :) I carry this around from day to night, since sometimes i dont have time to come home and change purse :). I love the colour, which is dark brown. It matches with almost any colors, and with one of my shoes 

My huge pencil case :). Hehehe. It sorts of like doraemon pocket for me, since i can find everything inside, from pen, mirror, lipgloss, until random things like car toy :) I also love the key chain, it says "MAINE WILDLIFE" as a remembrance of my family in Maine. This kinda superstitious, but this is true. Whenever i see this keychain, i feel happier, more motivated, and more eager to learn :). I remember my dad, who is a professor so i wannabe like him. I remember my sister silvia, alex and my mom in Maine, i wannabe successful so i can go there to meet them one day, or even send them here to Indonesia. Hehehe

This is my phone chain, hehehe. It is from Vani, my friend at UPH

I love this shirt! Hehehe, if you study at UPH, you can actually wear t shirt at school, but most of the time i like to wear shirt or blouse more than T shirt. 

Hahaha sorry for these random pics, somehow i just feel like to post them here :)

In my fifth semester, UPH got some school events and trip :) 
Here they are
UPH Festival :) and Dies Natalis

Hehehe unforgettable moments with evelyn, and exchange students from Taiwan

Here we are at Surabaya zoo hahaha

Amazing Youth Camp!
Another pic of dies natalis, i would love to put this pic here, since this was the first time my  complete parents (mom, dad, and grammy) come together to Dies Natalis
Miss UPH

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Wonderful Christmas with my friends!
Field Study trip to Jakarta :)

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Miss UPH :) I got such an honor to mingle with pretty girls :)

Happy family of psychology

Hehehehe.. I love UPH, my college life is colorful and cool :)..

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