Slice of Life: AFS Christmas Party

7:36 PM

26 Dec
AFS Bina Antar Budaya Chapter Surabaya CHRISTMAS PARTY
What a blast! Hehehe I got to meet my wonderful friends here. Having christmas photos taken, exchange gift, ate delicious food, played games, and shared our life together. AFS Chapter Surabaya is not like any other organization. It is a non profit, volunteer based organization and also a circle of wonderful people join together to make a better world. Hehehe well, “better world” does sounds dreamy, too high. But it does happen here. My world is better after I got inspired by my seniors, met my Jambos friends ( Aini, puchenk, and my batch 07 -08’s friends), AFS friends, and not to mention our community services. So, if you wanna grow, learn and make friends, you should join us J
Here are preview of our christmas party

After Party 

Nyam - nyam - nyam



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