REVIEW : Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

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Hi hi.. Now it is time to review some of my make up stuff. J. Hehehe. I personally love to write about make up tutorial better ( see my LOTDs). But as a beauty blog, it is also important to review make up stuff. Yaa, I think it is natural for girls to read beauty review before she buys make ups. So, she knows whether the make up is good or bad, especially when she is going to buy the expensive ones.
                                      So today I want to review two things. First one is a lipstick by Revlon. It is a Revlon colorburst lipstick in SOFT NUDE, 070. The color is peach nude, but it is very wearable. It doesn’t make me look pale. It is appropriate for going to college (If you want to wear it everyday). Also, you can use it for special occasion. If you have a full make ups, and you don’t want to look too much, this lipstick is totally the BEST. You can add a pink lipgloss to add some pink on it. Or, if you want to make it darker, you can add a tad bit of brown lipstick in the middle of your lip. It won`t look too much.
Here is the swatch

                                                                    The package is cute. I like the pattern, it makes it look elegant. It stays quite long. Especially if you don’t have a bad habit like licking your lips. It doesn`t dry my lips out. It doesn’t have a funny smell and a funny taste of lipstick.
                                                                     The only “off” part about this is that you need a very nice lipbalm to go underneath. Choose the matte one, something like chapstick or nivea lipbalm. If you choose a greasy lipbalm, the lipstick wont blend and stick so well.

Rating  : 5/5
Price  : about Rp.70000/ or $8
+ Very wearable
+ Nice color
+ Cute package
+ Long lasting
+ No funny smell and no funny taste
-          It can`t go with any lipbalms
Repurchase : YES  

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