Character Make Up - Antagonist

2:28 AM

Hi girls, long time not posting anything great. Today i want to share with you character make up. What is that? It is apparently a make up technique to give certain impression or accentuate some character. This technique is well known for those make up artists who work for theatre or movie making. So, make up can accentuate your character, for example, if you are working with antagonist role in a movie, you have to make your client looks scheming and rude, even before she omits any dialogue. For example, do you know the character "Mischa" on Cinta Fitri? Hahaha i hope you know,it has been so long for me since the last time i watch TV, so i just remember her. If you remember, you probably notice that she is pretty but she doesn`t look like a nice person. Look at her make up closely now, her make up accentuate her eyes, makes it bold and it gives an impression of villain woman. She is pretty, with a flawless make up, but yet we don`t like her. That is the power of character make up.


Now, this is my attempt of character make up for antagonist. Hehehe, i hope you like it. I paid more attention on the eyebrows and eyes.


Products i use

- Latulipe make up pallete
- Bobbi brown make up brushes
- Viva foundation in brown for shading
- Revlon pink in the afternoon

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  1. nice make up ^^
    keliatan banget aura jahatnya akibat efek alisnya hehehe

  2. great job! :D that kind of high-arched eyebrow sure changes a person face. :)

  3. Bagus bangett... :) emang kalo mau bikin efek antagonis itu utamanya di sorot mata dan alis ya.. Great job :)


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