Random thoughts: Tips on balancing school and work

4:28 AM

Hi girls, this week has been a long week for me because i have an exam week, so suckie >.<.. Alongside the exams i am still working so sometimes i ended up not eating properly and sleeping properly, well yeah only like 1-3 hours a day. And my smart toggle keeps going on and off, and makes me real mad. (sabar,han ). Hmm, Today is going to be the last day of exam tho :) so please wish me luck ya friends.

As i may say, this semester is like the hardest semester that i have ever encounter in my college life. Working - studying needs to be balance, that is what i thought. Do you girls working alongside school too? How do you cope?

For me, keeping my grades well is a must. Money has to keep coming, but there is no way i get bad grades, because i wanna be lecturer. Those grades determined my future scholarship. So i have been working hard for it and today i feel like to share what i have learned from working-studying experience. I may not the expert on this, since i am still learning too but i hope you find it helpful :)

1. Money is sweet but we need to know how to restrain ourselves

True, right? money makes us able to buy what we want, new bb cream, lip tint, and in my case keeps me stay at college :) When i first time working, i was taking too much work than i could handle, i used to work for four employer at once. Busy! and of course my grades slipped down as well as my deteriorating health. Hmm, so i hope you dont make the same mistake like me. Don`t take too much, take what you can take and when you feel that it starts to be too much, you have to learn to let go. Let go is hard, because it means less pay, but if we keep on forcing myself, i find it tiring and i can not do the best of all. My works will be moderate, not the best ones

2. Eat well

This is my mom`s tips. She is so kind, even where i am far away from her she always reminds me to eat. Thankies mom, and i am sorry that sometimes i dont obey you >.< Well, i learn the hard way tho, i got sick and it was real bad. The works piled up, and very stressful. So, better eat well lha, i am learning to do so.

3. Pray well

Working and studying can be stressful sometimes. Especially when they aren`t going well. Working also means i am taking more responsibilities than friend of my age ( FYI: In indo, most parents pay and fulfill the kids necessity until they graduated form uni and have a settle work). When i burn out, this is what i do, i take 5 minutes, praying. I find it very very helpful, girls. I know that God hasn`t left me and always supports me. That thought gives me strength and courage. Everytime.

4. Change your learning strategy
For me, personally i use mindmap to study. It is a lot faster, and i remember better. Hm, you dont need to do the same thing as me, coz everyone has their own way to learn. Some people learn better with music, some with TV on, some with dancing. You just need to figure out what is best for you

I also buy a netbook, and maybe if i spend enough gotta buy a tablet, so i can read research journals, presentations, and doing homework pretty much anywhere and it is not a pain carrying them around.

5. Spare some money to buy what you want and do what you like
Hehehe. this is the nice part of working, i am independent financially. I always spare some money to buy my fav things every month, like buying my cosmetics haul, or saving it to buy a big wish list like a new lappie, new camera or tablet. Sometimes, i even use the money to eat at my favorite place :) This pleasure reminds me that  working is fun and beneficial. In some way, it motivates me ^^. Just remember that you don`t go overboard and make sure that you have enough money left on the bank :)

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  1. thanks for the great tips :) good luck buat exams-nya yaa :D

  2. Thankies, la ^^ hehehe.. Thank you dah fol back *happy


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