AFS Welcome and Farewell Party

11:53 PM

Hi, dear readers :) How are you? Hmm, no make up post today, i just want to share with you my AFS experience. I joined AFS since four years ago and had learned a lot from it ever since. Without AFS, i might not be Hana that you know now. I also meet a lot of friends, Indonesian or foreigner. Here we promote World Peace through youth friendship, leadership and we also educate our fellow Indonesian cultural art.

Today was a welcoming and farewell party. We welcomed home our fellow friends that had been sent to another country as exchange students and also we bid farewell to our friends that who will go overseas to promote world peace. We also welcome all of you who wants to join us as volunteer. :).. Contact us here. AFS ROCKS!!

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  1. astaga hon"..dimanapun kapanpun..ijo".. hahaha

  2. hahahaha aku jadi dewi ijo ijo.. wkwkwkwkw..


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