BIOKOS Vital nutrition Eye cream for 30+

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This is by far, the first eye cream i have :). i was not really interested in eye cream before, because i thought i am still young, what do i need this cream for? But well, yeah, after opening my shops and reach 6th semester, i stood up in front of my mirror and see my eyes were shadowy black and felt tacky dry. Lack of sleep + STRESS + STRESS = my face looks 10 years older. OH MAMA!!

For prevention, i use eyecream lha, better prevent than cry later. I bought this eye cream, because it is from BIOKOS, a wellknown skincare brand from Indonesia. Yea yea, call me a brand snob, but actually for skincare like this it is better to know what kind of brand that issued the cream. I like biokos because it has laboratory for skincare and moreover it is in FRANCE. How cool is that? Local products go international.. 

The price is super affordable, just around 30.000 rupiahs. and i get this jar of eyecream. Jar? Yeah, unfortunately it comes in a jar. but it comes with a spatula tho. Just keep the spatula near the jar, don`t lose it like me >.< (slapped!!).

Hmm, the size of the jar is travel friendly, but design is so - so lha, nit cute at all. The main features about this eye cream is:
  • clinically proven
  • Dermatologically tested
  • infused with bio aloe vera
  • keep the skin looks young and slowing down the aging signs

When i opened, taraaa... this white cream appears. This white cream is actually pretty thick in consistency and it takes time to absorb. But it doesn`t left my eyes greasy, which is a good thing. Greasy eye leads to smudging eyeliner and fade away shadows.

The scent is very strong, but i personally like it. It calms down the mood hehehe. Overall, i have been using this for two months now and have been repurchase one more jar for back up. I like it, it really makes the skin near my eyes smooth and nicer. It doesn`t makes my panda eyes disappear tho. Well, i can not really blame this eye cream, because i myself do not sleep properly. I will recommend this for a prevention towards an aging sign. It is a good starter, the price is affordable and it really does moisture the under eye area.

Night night ladies.. I hope this review helps. hehehe.
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I love you all
<3 Hana

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  1. hi hana! I tagged you on

  2. Hello, Hana
    So the eye cream works for u. Well, I kinda have trouble with lack of sleep too and I use concealer every day to cover my dark circle. I never try biokos eye cream before, but u said that it's strongly fragranced, I should think twice then since I don't like heavy perfumed skincare.
    Thanx for the info
    btw I knew u already have Versatile Award but I tagged u anyway he he :)
    Please check ur nomination for Versatile Blogger Award from me here :
    thank u^^

  3. Actually I haven't heard about BIOKOS before. Thanks for the review! I think I need to purchase that eye cream :p


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