Review: Silkygirl Shimmer duo blusher in Blushing Pink

6:44 PM

In my attempt to find a cute pink blushes, i stumble upon this blush on from Silky girl. Cute, small size and comes in promising color if you look outside the pan. I was hoping that i would find baby pink - doll look kinda blush. But i was wrong! Stupid me, because i trust my eyes, and didn`t even try before i buy. The blush turns out to be very very sheer, i need to apply 5 - 6 times before it appears.

This blush comes with two parts, shimmer for highlighting and another matte blush for contouring. I love the shimmer, because it gives natural glow without making me look like a disco ball hehehe. Really, in daily life i just use the shimmer part as highlight. I would recommend this for a beginner who loves dewy - glowy look. Hehehe, with this blush, you won`t be afraid to look "too much" since it is very sheer.

 What i like about this:
- Travel - friendly size and packaging
- The brush is soft

soft brush and okay to apply highlight :)
- The shimmer is very nice, not to overwhelming for daily
- Affordable and available locally

What i don`t like:
- Very sheer and not pigmented.
- It stays around 3 -4 hours only, so just in case, you might need to carry around this blush to touch up.
- Doesn`t come with mirror 

Baby pink colors, left for highlight, right for contouring

swatch.. definitely sheer right?

 Another swatch, hope you can see better in this one..

Rating: 3/5
Price: around 60.000 rupiahs
Repurchase? No, not really

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  1. wah sheer abis ya han >.<
    btw km ku tag di sini ya ^^ hehe

  2. hua ! too sheer :( don't know that silkygirl also have a blush and bronzer.
    thanks for sharing :)

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]


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