Dove Essential Nourishment Hand and Body Lotion

11:42 PM

A while ago, DOVE has launched their body lotion line and i managed to get one on my monthly errand. The price is quite expensive compared to my usual Vaseline Hand Body Lotion. 

Price: Forgot exact price, i think about 25.000 rupiah ish
Amount: 250 ml

Comes with a white plastic packaging, nothing too catchy lha, but it suits the concept of another Dove line. Quite sturdy also, as long as i have it it never break nor spoiled


The lotion is thick, smells good and easy to absorb.
My skin feels very moisturized after application,
Even better than using my body butter.

But i am quite disappointed that my skin, especially my patchy post - burn skin,
It does not respond well to the lotion. 
It turns red and after a while it calmed down.
Anyhow, it might be a special case for me.
A lot blogger find this lotion is very nice.
I too, this lotion works well on my "normal" skin such as hands and body.


+ Smells good
+ Affordable
+ Moisturizing
+ Sturdy Packaging

- Might not work for sensitive skin

Rating 4/5

Have you tried this lotion?
What do you think?


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