The Skinfood Grape Seed Rich Cleansing Oil Review

2:26 PM

I am very particular person when it comes to cleaning the face.
When i am not lazy then i will do this step:
Eye make up remover - cleansing oil - cleansing milk - face wash - toner
If i feel lazy then i will skip eye make up remover
But nevertheless, cleansing oil step is a must do for me!
Cleansing oil do the best work on cleaning heavy foundation, bb cream and oil based cosmetics that face wash ussually unable to remove.
After a lot of blogging, my choice comes to Skinfood Grape seed Rich Cleansing Oil!

Cute and Vintage Bottle!

The cleansing oil comes in a cute vintage bottle. It does look elegant in my vanity case.
When my friend came to my room the other day, she was like grabbing the bottle and say " Hana, what is this? So cute!" Hehehe i was just smiling and told her that it is cleansing oil to clean make up. It has cute cap on the top of the bottle, with a Skinfood Angel emboss. Love it!

Cute cap!!

It contains 150 ml and i bought mine around 130.000 rupiahs / $13 a bottle. Not very pricey considering one bottle will last a longgggg time!

I don`t like the pouring cap here! Gaahhh! It makes the oil come out too much.

This is the back of the packaging. All written in Hangeul so i have no idea what it says hahaha
But in case you are fluent, you can read it here.

I also like the sticker design here! Very vintage. It comes off easily though >.<

Now swatch time!

Below, i am using my eyeshadows from Coastal scents and Milani liquif eye eyeliner.
I apply the oil and emulsify it with the water.

Rub ... rub... rub... gently

Remove all the oil with a clean tissue.
And taraaa.. All clean!

Final Thoughts!
The cleansing oil has an amazing removing power. Even the mascara and waterproof eyeliners come off. The smell is nice and it does not break me out. I would recommend this for you who loves to use BB Cream everyday like me. Removing it properly is a MUST for us other wise the cream will clog our pores.

Repurchase? Yes
Rating? 5/5

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! Lagi mau nyoba cleansing oil nih dan lagi nyari2 yang bagus, sebenernya milih2 antara kose sama etude punya.. But this one looks promising :D

  2. Aku suka cleansing oilnya TSF tapi beberapa yg bikin penasaran modelnya botol bukan pump :( Ujung2nya tetap balik ke DIY walo bersihinnya rada ribet.

  3. Hai all.. ini ada temenku yg jualm dijamin harga murah..^^


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