Hime Gyaru and Pygmalion Land Giveaway

12:13 PM

Hi ladies! I am back with a Hime Gyaru Style inspired by a post in Pygmalion Land
M (the owner of Pygmalion land) attached a cute Japanese video on how to do a Gyaru make up.
I pretty much just follow the video and crosscheck with the example.
And this is what i got!

Gyaru style is quite simple minus. Mine is simple gyaru hehehe. I am too afraid to put on contact lens and too lazy to do the hairstyle *slapped myself* wkwkwk

Anyway, right now M is holding an amazing giveaway in her blog, picturing TWO guess handbags at stake! Who doesn`t want a cute hand bag, seriously?? If you want to join, please follow her blog and you may enjoy her amazing reviews on beauty products plus tutorial, like what i used in this post. Just click the picture below and find your self (and myself hopefully) lucky *finger crossed*

pygmalion 6th giveaway

Okay, see you later, chicas,

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  1. lucu haaan, coba kamu pake wig blonde blonde gitu lebih kawaii kalii yaaaa xDD~
    he kursor mu lucu kali, kumis mis mis :3

  2. thank you for entering
    i verified this entry :)


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