Tutorial: Kicking Up with Dark Brown!

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Yesterday before i went out for work, i took some of FOTD picture. That day i used this a darkbrown color. It is so pretty!!I went for my monthly shopping and got a lot of compliment yesterday.

The security said, “ Wahh you look like cherry belle! If only my daughter were here, i will tell her to take picture with you.” DARNNNN..

ME?? Like CHERRYBELLE? Hahaha #Laughing my heads off!

Second, yesterday i got called and i have to report to the taxation office. Hmmm.. not for something nice lha, they asked me to pay some amount of money as a “tax” for my newly built modest bar. Hmmm.. hell, i was like thinking, “ How can a small business grows in this country, if we are killed by the tax?” It is not even an official tax though, without any careful calculation, they just ask for 1 - 2 million rupiahs. WTH????

But yeah, i reported anyway and they were surprised because the owner is still young.I told them i just started to learn business and they *thankfully* let me go and i do not pay that “tax”. I RESPECTFULLY debate them and tell them to explain in calculation why i should pay that. And they can`t answer and just let me go. You see?? We must be critical towards this kind of practice. Imagine if i just give because they looked so scary ** I surrounded and interrogated by THREE MEN officers**, I will lose money lha. 1 2 millions are a lot for a small business, moreover practice like this will grow like a fume if we let it.

I mean, it is okay to pay TAX, as long as it is TRANSPARENT.

But I am glad lha the government still have consideration for a young entrepreneurs. They don`t push me to give the so – called “ TAX” (PUNGUTAN LIAR). One of them even give me motivation to continue and grow the business. THANKS SIR! I promise i will abide the law, if i am big enough surely i will pay the tax! This kind sir even joking around told me to marry his son, because i seem to be hardworking. MEHHHH –____-

HAIZZ I take it as a compliment lha.. It seem that day i look appropriate.



Anyway, girls, sorry for the ramblings. I meant to share MAKE UP TUTORIAL. O yeaaa, i am not forgetting it, so here we gooo.


APPROPRIATE FOR: Work, Daytime wear, and College wear


What I use

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Pallete in Darkhorse and Sidecar, Luview Baked Eyeshadow in shimmery white, Ratu Ayu liner

Face: Etude House BB Bright Fit Natural Beige and Revlon Touch and Glow loose powder in creamy beige

Cheek: Covergirl blush in peach perfection

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in sweetheart

Step by step tutorial

1. Dab darkhorse all over the lid, and blend upward with sidecar shade

2. Dab shimmery white eyeshadow on your lower line

3. Line your eyes, wing it, and connect it with 1/3 of outer corner on lower eyeline


darkhorse day time



And yeah, here it is the face that said to be CHERRY BELLE and almost got me a father in law. =____=

I personally say i am nowhere near cherry belle lha hahahaha.

I just happy that i looked great that day and have enough confidence to tackle those incalculated tax! Awww, men! I can buy 2 Urban Decay Eyeshadows for 1 – 2 millions rupiahs right? Why give it to unlawful officer?


If it is for NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, I agree to contribute!If it is a corrupt practice, HELL NO!! Please yaa, just go away from my INDONESIA. We are so darn underdeveloped because corrupt officer, government and people.

So, anyway, before i start babbling about those taxes again. I will say goodbye to you, i hope you find the tutorial helpful for your daily look!

Sign out, Hana

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  1. cute bgt hana,...
    bener, si bapak gak salah

  2. Parah Parah banget yah, memang harus berani kalo gak tekor dagh duit, ammsyonggg

    find me here : buleipotan.blogspot.com

    1. iya parah banget.. si bapak - bapak gayanya udah kaya preman aja, main palak :)

  3. :o
    Pas liat pic mata sih, wahh bagus wlp sederhana, tp ttp kliatan make-up nya..
    Pas liat foto close up nya, *shock!
    U look sooo youngggg!!! *eh umur brp sih say? Hahaha.. Emg bener d bisa bikin bapak2nya pada kaget.. XD
    Eh tp bagus loh make up nya.. Natural, ga over n cocok bgt bt sehari2.. ^^d
    Tips ngadepin bapak2 galaknya jg oke.. Hahaha.. :D


    1. haaa masa sih fels? wkwkwk... aku mah udah berumur, sekarang udah 22 hehehehe.. makasi fels, salam kenal ya sayyy

    2. Ohh baru 22.. Pantes masih unyuu.. :p
      •·ιчä..(◦'⌣'◦)•.. Lam kenal jg.. Hehe ^^


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