Maybelline BB Stick Review in Natural

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A few months ago, Maybelline has launched their new BB Cream in stick version. Many MANY bloggers has wrote reviews about it, i think i am the last one who talk about this hahaha. Anyway, it got quite a rave online. Would I rave it too?

Let`s see..

The BB cream claims to have 8 benefits and multifunctioned make up. It is an instant BB Cream + shine free powder + UV protection all at one!


Price: 53.000 rupiahs or $6, price may vary

Amount: 10 grams

Shade: Natural, Radiance, Fawn, mine is Natural


The packaging is similar like lipstick, only this one is GIANT! You can twist it up and twist it down. The cap is tight, and for me, i think the packaging is very practical. I can even keep this inside my pencil case!


The texture is a little bit dry and powdery. I love the powdery part of it. Perfect for touch up. I ussually brought this along with me to touch up parts that looks blotchy during the day. If you have cracky and dry skin, make sure you put tons of moisturizer first because the bb cream will exaggerate your dry skin.

As for the finish, i think it is matte and glowy finish. If you have a dry skin, you won`t even need to set with powder, seriously! The cream is easy to blend and looks pretty on the skin.

On me, it lasts only three hours and the oil control is not very good. That is why i am only using it for touch up. I have it everyday in my purse and it is just VERY. VERY practical. I only dislike the fact that it does not stay under the sun. It melts. Literally. When i wipe my sweat, the bb cream transferred and leaving blotchy mark. That is why, i never use it to the entire face.

Here is the swatches. As you can see, the coverage is low to medium and it does not cover the pen mark entirely. The yellow tone of the cream will tone down the redness and even out  the skin. But if you have a lot to cover, then you are probably going to need concealer. I ussually use Maybelline Mineral concealer, it works hand to hand bringing even and bright under eye.

may bb stick

Back in Semarang i did a little make over to my friend Mega. I think the stick does a good job on brightening the face instantly, plus evening out skintone. Other than using it for touch up i do like it to use it as lip concealer too. It works! and it is not as heavy as real lip concealer, believe me.



- multifunctioned and travel friendly

- practical packaging

- Matte finish

- Instant brightening and even out the skintone

- It doesnt break me out

- Available locally and affordable


- Melt under the sun!

This is a good addition in my TOUCH UP arsenal. I only use it too even out certain area that got blotchy during the day. I recommend this to you who has normal to dry skin because it is going to stay longer on your skin

So girls, that is my take on Maybelline BB Cream stick.

Have you tried it, what do you think?

Hana, signing out


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  1. Wah, kelihatannya praktis.
    Tapi kulitku berminyak. Kalo buat touch up ringan atau cover under eye kayaknya boleh tu :)

    1. iya.. cuma bisa dibuat touch up kak, soalnya kalo seluruh muka malah cepet luntur

  2. Bisa req update foto buat lip concelear hasilnya gmn ga ce?
    lg cari lip concealer yg bagus haha

  3. Waktu nanya mb BA katanya yg stick ini cocok buat kulit berminyak, klo yg cream baru bs buat kulit normal-kering.
    #gajadi beli deh..

    1. mungkin karena oil controlnya kurang ya? jadinya ya di kulit erminyak kurang bagus hehehe

  4. melt ? syukur ga beli
    banyak yg bilang oil contrlnya ga bagus sih hehe :P

    1. iya say.. luntur.. kan surabaya panas nih,tiap keringetan, keringetnya tuh sampe warna butek karena bb creamnya luntur >.< sayang banget padahal kemasannya udah praktis lhoo

    2. keknya emang ga bisa di cuaca panas yg ekstrim yah ? LOL
      thx review nya beb :*

  5. Di aku oil controlnya lmyn loh setelah 5 jam baru mulai sedikit berminyak. Ini udah mau abis belum sempat2 direview juga #LOL

  6. thank youuu han buat reviewnyaa. pas banget kebetulan lagi cari2 info tentang bb cream ini lol. muachh :*

  7. Aku juga pakai bb stick ini dan emang cocok buat kulit berminyak ^^

  8. Hey there! I love this BB Stick! I just got it about a month ago and definitely in love. It covers my redness and dark spots. Plus it's so affordable!
    Anyway, nice review. Do drop by my blog and drop some comments. I just started blogging about things I love! Skin care products!

    Have a nice day!
    xx, Mira


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