Review and Swatch! Silkygirl Moisture Lipgloss

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                Hi my beloved fabbulous readers! How are you? Thank you very much for keep reading my blog. Today I wanna review lipglosses from Silky Girl. Silkygirl is a Malaysian product, before I bought these, I heard much rave about them being a great dupe of Wet and Wild products. My friends talked a lot about it being in the same company as the one who produced Wet and Wild. Well, their website didn`t say any of the facts above, but since I was curious, I tried them out anyway. 
                I got these two lipglosses in Matahari department store when they were on discount J. Yay for being UPHS student, we know first for this kind of thing hahaha. I got two shades, Almost Nude and Rose Pink. Both of them were the most natural shades. Almost nude has beige color, whereas rose pink is soft pink color. Very nice for daily uses.  Here are the swatches.

I also found that Almost Nude lipgloss goes so well with Barely Nude Lipstick from the same company. I tried this for Miss UPH look, you can see it here. It went nicely J as if they were made for each other.

I like this lipgloss because
It has a very nice colors, with enough glam to make me sparkle
It is not sticky compares to another lipglosses
I like the packaging
Very affordable, around 17000 rupiah, or about $2
Available locally. Even I can`t find them just anywhere, they are pretty easy to find.
Love love love the colors!
It doesn’t dry my lip
I don’t like this lipgloss because
The staying power is so – so. It fades in only 1 hour. I have to apply it again and again. Tiring

Overall, these lipglosses are quite nice. Not the best, but if you wanna wear lip gloss just for fun, I think this product is great  to fades your curiosity. Honestly, I am not really huge fan of lipglosses because I don’t like the sticky feeling that they make. These lipglosses make me happy because their stickiness are tolerable and enjoyable.  Have you tried this one? Share your thought J
Rating : 4/5
Rephurchase: Well, maybe. I don’t like lipgloss much.

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