REVIEW : La Tulipe Loose Powder

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Hello ladies ^.^ Happy Chinese New Year! This celebration has come, and surely we are going to be blessed! Living abundantly, beautifully and healthy, that is my motto for this upcoming year. As usually, this year I will also go back to Mojokerto, my hometown, to pay my respect to the elders.  What are you gonna do? I hope you have a lot of fun!
Before I am heading back to my hometown, I feel like writing review and tutorial for you J. Today`s review is about La tulipe`s loose powder. La tulipe is Indonesian local brand. Famous. It has two lines, one is la tulipe and the other is la tulipe pro. La tulipe is cheaper and very appropriate for daily uses, whereas la tulipe pro is more premium, a lot of make up artists use this brand to create the look.
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Natural shade : up close

Sun tan shade: Up close

This loose powder comes from the first line. I got two shades, natural and suntan.
What I like about this product?
-          1. It gives you flawless effect
-          2. Great for setting your make up
-          3. Since it is loose powder, it is more breathable than compacts
-          4. Finely milled powder. Me likey!
-          5. Great staying power
-          6.Affordable, only 35000.

What I don’t like about this product?
-          1. It breaks me out. After using this for a week, my skin starts growing pimples. Uh!
-          2. It has a strong scent.

This is a great product, I recommend this for you who has normal skin or combination skin. I personally use this as one of my staple for beauty course. My teacher recommends me to use this because it sets make up wonderfully. For you who has an olive skin, sun tan shades would suit you nicely. I have tried this all the time to my models. Naturals would be suitable for fairer skin. Have you try this powder? Share your thought!

Rating 3/5
Rephurchase? NO

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  1. dulu aku pernah pake acne l/p nya la tulipe. Bagusnya dia nge-blend banget, coveragenya medium.
    Sayang, kayaknya la tullipe ga selalu ada di setiap dept. store jakarta...
    Jarang ada.
    jadi udah ga beli2 lagi... :)

  2. aku suka ga nemu cari shade bedak yg cocok sampe akhirnya nyaman2 aja pake face powder la tulipe yg natural. lumayan buat hari-hari nih :)


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