REVIEW : Maybelline ALL IN ONE cake powder

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Two days ago, when I dropped by one of local minimarket, I saw a maybelline powder but in a very small packaging. I asked the lady what it was, and she said it was refill powder. I was excited, because I had 5 maybelline powders, but they were almost gone ( read here). It was also very very cheap, only 20.000 rupiahs, or about 2.5 dollars. Without more hesitation, I grabbed one of this.

Here are some pictures that i took for you :)

When I opened this at home, I suddenly realized that this was not the refill I want. This refill is a new product from Clear n Smooth line called ALL IN ONE CLEAR SMOOTH SHINE FREE CAKE POWDER J.  I was happy anyway hehehe. When I saw the back package, I saw improvements that Maybelline is trying to make on this new product. It has higher SPF than the previous foundation powder, also this one has vitamin c for instant fairness.

So lets review this J, shall we? It claims that it is
1.       SHINE FREE – Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and wonderfully fresh throughout the wear. My opinion: I don’t feel this shine free effect much, honestly in two hours my T zone shines. But yes, I look fresher.
2.       HIGH UV PROTECTION – SPF 25 and PA ++. My opinion: Yeah! I love the fact that maybelline has improved on this part. This powder allows me to go indoor and outdoor without afraid of getting darker. SPF also prevents my skin on developing black spots.
3.       INSTANT FAIRNESS – Infused with vitamin C. My opinion: I don’t see any of this effect. Hmm maybe because I still use this for two days.
4.       Imperfections blend away and conceal blemishes – My opinion : Yeah, the coverage is medium, and full when you wet the sponge. Hmm it conceals redness of my skin, but I still need concealer on my under eye.
5.       Long lasting – My opinion: For me, the concistency is so so, around 5 hours in air conditioned building, and 2 hours in hot indonesian weather.
6.       VISIBLY SMOOTH COMPLEXION and TONE PERFECTING: Yeah, this is true. I like my complexion after using this powder. Not too mention that this time the shade is right. Eventhough it says natural, it doesn’t give me the ghostly look like the previous maybelline powder that I have. This time, it blends perfectly on my skin. YAY!

                I also in love the packaging since it is PINK! Hahaha, I am such a sucker for pink. It is also very small, it fits perfectly on my pencil case, my make up case, and save so much space for other thing. It doesn’t come with mirror, but I think It is okay, since I will have separate mirror in my pencil case. The sponge is also nice, it applies this powder just well and nice. And last thing, just like another maybelline product, it is non comedogenic, so it won’t break my skin out. In conclusion, this powder is totally worthy of the price. Oh, no, wrong, it gives you more than the price. Have you bought any of this? Share it with me J

Rating : 4/5
Rephurchase: Yeah J

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